Planning Your Kid’s Party on a Budget

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It is always a great joy for parents to share happy moments with their kids. Throwing a party for them is one way of making them happy. You can do this on a budget. You really don’t have to spend a fortune to throw a birthday party for your kid. Here are seven incredible party ideas that you can use and make the day an unforgettable one for your kid.

Treat time.

You don’t have to just hire a prominent baker to make treats for your party. Let the kids have a hand in making the treats. They love to roll dough and cut shapes with cookie cutters. They also love decorating and giving them the chance to do it will add to their joy. Buy some cute Minnie Mouse party supplies online. Make your own decorations. Use your imagination and try these games.

Olympic style obstacle course race.

Make use of outdoor play things such as foam pool noodles, hula hoops, etc. Create an obstacle course for the kids while taking into consideration their ages. Conduct your own Olympics! Lead your guests through a series of Olympic challenges and then reward the winners with medals at the closing ceremony.

Backyard scavenger hunt.

Follow the theme of your child’s birthday party whether it is dinosaurs or fairies. Hide themed non-melting wrapped candies or trinkets in the back yard. Going by the ages of your kid and how the party is organized, give them clues to help them find the treasures or simply hide them in places where they can be spotted without clues.

Create a mural.

Prepare your entire backyard for art time using canvas, an old plain sheet or simply a large roll of white paper. Prepare washable paint, shaped sponges and brushes. While paying attention to the theme, let the kids paint the mural with birthday wishes for your kid and paintings of their own. Once the party is over, dry the masterpiece and hang it in your kid’s room as a memento.

Freeze dance.

A game of freeze dance is undoubtedly the most effective in getting the kids laughing. Raise the volume and let the kids attending your party shake their groove till the music stops. Eliminate the kids who are still dancing after the music stops at the end of each round. Repeat the dance until you have only one child remaining- the winner. Award prizes to the winner, the best dancer, the silliest dancer, etc.
It is a puzzler.

Puzzles are mesmerizing. Get a huge floor puzzle or make your own. Let the kids torture themselves while trying to complete the picture. Divide them into groups working on different parts of the puzzle or acquire several puzzles.

Station, station number.

Come up with small stations where the partygoers can go round as the party continues. Some good ideas here are a small puzzle, art table, Lego table and necklace /bracelet making. Encourage the children to divide into small groups and make the rounds. The parents should prepare the room and supervise.

These party ideas will cost next to nothing. They will also be fun for your kids and their friends. The party memories will live with them forever and they will love you as a parent. The next time you are holding a party for your kid and you don’t want to spend much on it, these ideas will go a long way in making the party a success.


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