Prepping Your Home for Spring: 4 Detracting Tips to Keep Pests Away

Detracting pests is simple with a combination of prevention methods, natural deterrents and repellent devices. After identifying the pests on your property, you are ready to find effective solutions. Try these simple tips to keep both large and small pests out home and garden.

Prepping Your Home for Spring: 4 Detracting Tips to Keep Pests Away

Pest Repellent Plants

Some plants deter pests in both indoor and outdoor settings. Opt for tansy and wormwood to repel a variety of insects in outdoor areas like gardens and BBQ areas. In the garden, strongly scented plants like lavender, thyme and sage to prevent damage to crops and ornamentals. You can also grow any of these plants in containers for indoor use. Keep the plants on windowsills and beside doorways to repel insects.

Deter Birds and Garden Pests

To deter birds and other pests in the garden, place noise-making items like plastic bags around the garden perimeter. Mirrors and flash tape are also effective deterrents for vegetable gardens. If you have mice or rats on your property, it is important to use snake repellents. Snakes often search for areas with high rodent populations to enjoy an abundant food source.

Use solar powered snake repellent devices around the perimeter of your property, and contact a professional pest company like Allstate Pest Control for assistance. Snakes bites can be dangerous, especially to children and pets. Professional pest control companies can eliminate mice and other rodents to help keep potentially dangerous snakes away from your home and property.

Close off Your Home

Some pests are more difficult to deter, but control is possible with regular maintenance routines. For instance, vacuuming bedrooms and furnishings often helps eliminate bed bugs, and wiping down sinks eliminates a water source that may attract insects. Loud noises or strong odors are sometimes necessary to deter persistent outdoor pests.

Deterring Indoor Pests

Strong odors, such as garlic oil, repel garden pests, but are often unsuitable for indoor use. Opt for hardware cloth to keep pests like opossums from entering through areas like open attic vents and crawlspaces. Choose hardware cloth made from super-fine mesh to deter other pests, including mice and rats, and to help keep insects out of the home.

Using deterrents makes pest prevention simpler, more natural and safer for your family and pets. Finding the right deterrent for your property and home can take some experimentation, but allow you to use safer, more natural control methods. With detracting devices, repellent plants and a little preventative maintenance, you can avoid most pests.


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