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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

A ‘Gem’ Of A Culture Ancient Egyptians were identical to people of today in two ways:  They were very thoughtful about how they looked to…

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Marvelous Monuments Of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt has always held a special place in the imaginations of people in the modern world. Today you can still visit ancient Egyptian monuments…

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A History Of Flags

Flags have been used for identification and symbols of identification for well over 5,000 years. Archeological methods improve constantly but fabric degrades, so it is…

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The Resurgence Of Ancient Building Techniques

Contemporary construction techniques continuously evolve, and sometimes too fast. The new 15-storey hotel in China constructed in six days. Some people believe it’s too much…

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Eclipse Hunting For Novices

A Solar eclipse is an awe-inspiring phenomenon that visits earth only once every couple of years or even decades. Ever since ancient times, humans have…

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