The Difference Between A Garden Shed And A Work Shed

All sheds do not serve a similar purpose. When you compare a work shed to a garden shed, you will notice significant disparities in several elements.

A garden shed is a storage unit where homeowners keep equipment such as lawnmowers, shovels, rakes, and blowers, and so on. It might also include space for potted plants and gardening tools.

A work shed, on the other hand, is a unit that has a working space, shelves, and a storage area. It is mostly used by people who like DIY projects.

The following are the top differences between work sheds and garden sheds.

Type of Insulation

The majority of the equipment stored in garden sheds require protection from direct sunlight and rainwater. They are not vulnerable to extreme temperatures. On the contrary, it is impossible to perform any activity in a work shed during winter. For this reason, work sheds often have insulation to ensure that they remain warm throughout the year. Also, they must have proper airflow to keep them cool during summer.

Design and Construction

Generally, work sheds have a better and more robust design than garden sheds. The reason behind this difference in quality is that work sheds use denser materials in their construction. For instance, a work shed can have thicker walls to ensure it remains warm in winter, as well as to keep the work equipment secure.

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Lighting and Power

The nature of the jobs done in a work shed requires superb lighting, which explains why such sheds have multiple sources of light. To save money, homeowners usually install transparent roofs and bigger windows to let in natural light. Similarly, some tools need high currents to operate, meaning that works sheds tend to have more power supply than garden sheds.

Contrarily, garden sheds usually have few windows. They also have a lower power supply than work sheds because they are primarily used for storage purposes.

Cost Implication

Overall, work sheds are more expensive than garden sheds. The cost of a work shed mostly depends on its size and the extent of its storage unit. A store that has many shelves typically costs more than one with a simple design.

Another factor that contributes to the expensiveness of work sheds is the duration of construction.  Since they have a more complex design, work sheds take more time to construct. This, in turn, makes them costlier than garden sheds.

Lastly, work sheds usually need more security than garden sheds. As a result, they are often made of metal, which increases their overall price. You also have to reinforce all entry points and invest in secure locks, meaning that you have to pay more.


Now that you understand the difference between a work shed and a garden shed, it is easier to choose the option that suits your needs. That said, a work shed is the more versatile of the two, and it also comes with more security features and insulation from adverse temperature conditions.


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