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What Is Pure Beauty?

Some say its skin deep, some say it’s at the tip of a surgeon’s knife, and some say it comes out of a bottle. It’s a debate that doesn’t have a right or wrong answer; but comes down to our individual preferences. ‘Pure’ can be perceived as natural, untouched and wholesome, all of the attributes of Dermalogica products.

Dermalogica products range from moisturisers, masks, cleaners, eye treatments and body therapies. All products are made from natural ingredients that work beneath your skin to enhance the look and feel of the body. You can also take advantage of their ‘most recommended list’ showcasing the full range available for a particular skin type.
Ladies, keep an eye on your bathroom cabinets, because men are taking note and a stealing our beauty regimes. But don’t worry; Dermalogica now has a range just for men including shaving balms, moisturisers and cleaners. Men are no longer strangers to keeping their skin looking fresh and radiant, which is why Dermalogica caters for all skin types, all races and all sexes.

Back in the 1980s, when Madonna was top of the pops, the supermodel was born and Richard Gere in Pretty woman was every lady’s dream man, households contained tubs of Astral, Vaseline and Palmer’s Coco Butter. Beauty products were only for the rich and famous, with your average household spending a lot of money on a moisturiser.

Cleansers, toners, masks and serums were soon to be a thing of the future, with many being launch by top make up houses that were using skincare ranges as a way of adding additional products to their company umbrella.

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Fast forward to 2012 and we now have skincare ranges designed purely for your individual skin type, SPFs to protect us from sun damage, and a range of clinics that not only offer their own product lines, but innovative machines and technological equipment to re-educate customers on the benefits in using selected beauty products to fit in with their lifestyle.

Pure beauty can therefore be deemed as living a clean and healthy lifestyle, treating ourselves occasionally to the odd glass of red wine to keep us well balanced. Now we are spoilt with so many different windows to buy into a clean healthy regime for the skin, and treating yourself occasionally the new innovative products that aim to add optimum satisfaction and pleasure to your daily routine.
Beauty can be interpreted in many different ways, elements and creations. With more and more options available to us, find your happy medium and explore the various avenues available to you.

Sally Vine looks at the essence of beauty, writing for Pure Beauty Online

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