Why People Are Choosing Home Automation over Burglar Alarms

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Home Automation systems are the newest toys in the town and probably the coolest also. With more and more people switch over to an automated home every day, Home Automation is very much in demand. Yes, home automationcosts your pocket a lot to be installed in your home, but not having automation systems installed in your house can cost you a lot more. The added features of home automation beside the super benefit of making your house theft proof is a bonus to people.

Why People Are Choosing Home Automation over Burglar Alarms

Today, we will provide you with few reasons as to why people are choosing the Smart home automation systems instead of going for a burglar alarm:

Protection from unwanted guests and intruders:

One of the biggest reasons why people install home automation systems is that they help them to feel safe and comfortable against the possible risk of a house theft. The automation systems are fitted with surveillance camera and the live feed from those cameras come straight to your fingertips through your smartphone. You are able to keep an eye out for possible intrusions in and around your house surroundings to give you a head start over the burglars in case of a theft in your house.

Protection from fires, carbon monoxide leakage:

Well besides keeping an eye out for possible intrusion, the home automation systems also include few sensors that monitor your house each and everything about your house. These sensors help to make sure everything is normal in your house. The alarms of the automation systems go off almost immediately if it senses a fire breakout in the house or a possible gas spillage and also informs the concerned authorities automatically.

Regular check on family members:

The surveillance cameras installed can also be used to keep a check on the activities of the family members, people who are entering and exit your house and make sure smaller kids are safe inside the house. Now with the help of the home automation, all you need to do is log into the application on your smartphone or connect through the internet and you can control everything from your office. Switch off those excess lights which your kids might have left open or set the room temperature. Also keep a regular eye out on what your children are doing at home.

Manage house with Automated Doors:

Now, with the home automation systems, you can also control the entry and exit of people through your front door. With automated doors installed in house, these doors will open only on your command and no one else. So basically, you can restrict people from entering your house that you don’t want to enter your house behind your back while you are working in the office. Each family member receives their own access code to open the door. This is helpful for you to know as you can keep a track when your children enter or exit the house with a notification on your smartphone. 

You are in control even if you are out of town:

Next time you have to go out of town for work or a trip with family, you don’t have to handover the house keys to your neighbor to keep an eye out on your house. With the application on your mobile phone, you can keep an eye out on things around your home, check out if all your appliances are switch off and view for intrusion through the surveillance camera. You are still in control of everything about your house even if you are not in town through the help of the home automation system installed in your house. Now you can also set a particular time for your neighbor or your friend enter your house and close the door when they leave through the mobile application.

Final Say: Burglar alarms where the thing back in the day when breaking into the house used to raise the alarm. But with the advent of the home automation systems and the security system installed in the automation system, you are in for more of an advantage over the burglars than you were with the alarm system. The automation systems allow you to be always in control of your house throughout the day wherever you are.


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