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At some point or another, your carpets are going to need to be cleaned. If you are attempting to clean the carpets yourself, then they are never going to look as good as they possibly can. The best thing you can do is look into a carpet cleaning company. However, with a plethora out there to choose from, how do you choose the right company for your needs? Let’s take a little look.

  1. One of the first things you want to check is whether they subcontract the work out, or whether they carry out the job themselves. There are plenty of companies out there that ‘subcontract’ but this isn’t going to be beneficial at all. You don’t know the qualifications of who they subcontract out to do you?
  2. Look at the testimonials on the website of your chosen carpet cleaning company. Do they have a lot of good feedback? But most importantly, does their feedback look believable? There are plenty of companies out there which ‘fake’ their feedback in order to gain your business, although these fake reviews seem to be easy to spot.
  3. Talk to your carpet cleaning company, or view the information on their website. Do they seem to know what they are talking about? If they do, then snap them up quickly, there are not many companies out there that know how to really carpet clean, find a good company and you are onto a winner.
  4. Do they have full training and knowledge? Some of the machines and chemicals that they are using are going to be pretty dangerous. You need to know that they know how to use them in the safest possible manner. Your carpet depends on it!
  5. Are the company insured? Sometimes sadly, things do go wrong in the carpet cleaning process. Whilst this is very rare, you don’t want to be left out of pocket. Therefore talk to your company about what insurance policies they have in place.
  6. You will want to check the price compared to other companies. One thing I do suggest here is to not go too ‘cheap’ on your carpet cleaning. There is a reason why companies price themselves cheap, and it isn’t because they have a lot of business coming in!
  7. What cleaning chemicals do they use on your rug? You should aim for a company that uses organic cleaning chemicals, for your safety, your child’s safety and your pet’s safety. You do not want to choose a company that uses ‘harsh’ chemicals. It will get the job done quicker, but it will shorten the lifespan of the carpet considerably.
  8. What type of equipment are they going to be using? Some companies use small equipment. In my experience, this equipment is nowhere near strong enough to suck up all of the filth that lies deep within the carpets. Therefore they are never going to provide the clean that you really need.
  9. Do they offer a carpet repair service as well? We want our expensive carpets to look as good as possible, therefore it would be ideal if you chose a company that also had a repair service. This will ensure that your carpet stays great without having to hire multiple companies.
  10. Finally, what are their hiring practices? You don’t want to just let anybody in your home do you? This isn’t going to benefit anybody.

I hope this has given you a bit of information about what you should be looking out for when you track down a carpet cleaning company, follow these tips, and your carpets will come out the best that you have ever seen them!

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