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Have you ever rented a limousine or party bus before? If not, never worry! Reserving a limo is a little tougher than getting equipped with a rental car or hotel room but that’s only because you have a whole group of passengers whose needs and preferences have to enter into consideration. This quick guide will provide five tips that every party person needs to know before handing over the deposit and signing the contract.

1. Leave a little breathing room. 

When a company lists the seating capacity, they are listing the absolute maximum. A 10-seat party bus might fit ten small teenagers but ten adults would want at least three empty seats to provide some elbowroom. Keep in mind that even if you chose a limousine with extra seats, there is no room to move around and switch spots. Play it safe and choose a party bus if you need to accommodate a large group of people. Most party bus options are spacious enough for dancing!

2. Double-check the amenity package. 

Is everything up to par? Never assume that a particular feature or amenity is included. It would be a shame to create a sentimental soundtrack for a wedding party only to realize that the sound system did not have an input for mp3 players, or to choose a basic alcohol package for a night on the town and realize there is only bottled water for your friend who doesn’t drink. You never know until you ask.

3. Make sure everyone knows the rules. 

Does the limo service have stiff overtime penalties if your group runs severely behind schedule? Is loud music something that that the service does not offer for safety reasons or is the divider screen super-soundproofed to handle it? Do you have a daredevil friend that may inadvertently push the limits? Take some time to make sure that every person in your party knows the rules of the limo.

4. Tour the vehicle in person. 

Photos are great but you cannot smell or touch a limo through a brochure. Visit the rental agency in person and visit the actual vehicle you plan to reserve. This is the only way to make sure that the upholstery is comfortable and in good condition, that the music system plays clearly and without crackle, that the drivers seem friendly and professional, etc.

5. Get everything in writing.  

Verbal agreements are sketchy. Miscommunications happen, and the person who walks you through the reservation process might not be working the day of your event. Inter-office memos get lost. Computers mess up. Sometimes the issue is unavoidable but if you have every promise in print, the company will be able to provide a refund much faster and with less hassle. It should not be difficult to obtain a paper copy of the contract if you are touring the vehicle in person anyways.

Get excited! Following the tips in this guide will increase your chances of satisfaction. The right limo driven by an expert driver is the cherry atop a perfect night of barhopping or clubbing. Nobody has to worry about calling a cab, nobody has to worry about parking, nobody has to draw cards to determine the designated driver… A classy limo just might change the way you party.

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