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Will the Anti-Rape Law Be EffectiveIn view of the recent rape cases which involved minors as victim, the anti-rape laws need to gain momentum. The current situation is depressing as you would see that every day some new woman or child is being a victim to rape. In fact, as per the latest in news from Unicef, it is said that one of three people being raped is a child.

Post the December gang rape and death of the victim after struggle, the government had to impose stricter anti-rape laws. They had formed a committee headed by Justice Verma which was to decide the laws that were to slay rape convicts. The sad fact includes that the rape laws were changed only twice before this time and, each time the laws did not manage to act strict towards the convicts.

The Crimes Included

The new laws include tougher action against people who commit any kind of violent or intimidating act towards a woman. Acts like stalking that lead to murder are being addressed in this new law. The acid throwing acts that have ruined many daughters and families are being addressed too in this law. The new laws have suggested that a person cannot view a lady without clothes without her consent. Also the laws are tougher towards the corrupt and unjust police. If at any point the police fail to register the complaint or be sensitive towards the victim, they would suffer a harsh punishment. The jail time has also been defined considering the need for tougher laws.

The Toughness Undefined

It is still too early to find out if the laws are tough or not. Tough laws are normally determined by the jail time being served by the convict. But, given the mellowed hearts of the judges, it is possible that the harsh judgement would have major side effects which allow the convicts to walk away freely. Of course, with these laws enforced the court of law would act speedily and have to give out justice. Still the laws can be made tough. The thought that kills this to effect is that if the laws are made tough the women can misuse it.

Uncovered Areas

The laws are brief and, have left out a lot that needs to be said. For example the marital rape concept is still legal. Gays or lesbian rape is not touched upon in this anti rape law. The consent sex point is also left uncovered. The level of violence and the actions for the same are yet to be discussed. There are many points that need to be covered if the anti-rape law intends to give complete justice.Convicts who belong to the armed forces posted in disturbed areas are still free from the anti-rape jurisdiction.

The Effectiveness

Along with proper implementation of anti-rape laws, there is a need to bring about reforms in the police structure. Till the time the law that registers the complaint is not sensitive towards the victim, no law can be effective. If the law and the people around blame the victim for being the sole reason for the crime, there would be complete failure of the laws. The public comments that claim the clothes that women wear being responsible for the rape forget such things need no justification. A crime is at the end of the day a crime and, supporters of this crime should be abolished.

It is a long way to justice. Though if the media and people are aware of the happenings and, stay tuned towards it, it might just happen soon!

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