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Every business needs tools to get things done efficiently. Tools are great assistants when working properly. No mechanic worthy of his profession would possess an inferior box of sometimes working and broken tools hoping the job will somehow get done. Yet when it comes to computers, many small businesses are reluctant to bring in a “mechanic”. Instead they simply hope for the best.

Technology services companies are computer engineers providing a broad array of services to businesses of every size. These companies work to ensure the proper functioning of your computer hardware, software, networks, telecommunications, and electronic systems. These experts usually tailor their service offerings to organizations of all sizes to meet their specific goals.  Below are the top three ways your small business can benefit from their services.


Are your computer systems streamlined to produce shared storage and cooperative work flow? Is your IT system creating a faster more effective work environment? In order for your Information Technology (IT) systems to work properly, there must be a well planned strategy to make the most of current IT system capabilities. Necessary changes or upgrades may need to be made to avoid costly downtimes. When accessing IT infrastructure your goal is to insure that the most up to date IT tools are working together to produce consistent results. Successful completion of this task produces employee and customer friendly operating systems that reduce down time while improving the bottom line. By maintaining the most effective computer systems tailored to your needs, you can recoup your investment in business technology services quickly.


In today’s high tech world business communication systems should be instantaneous whether taking place across the hall or between countries. Do your routers, chat services, and telecommunications flow flawlessly? Take an inventory of your communication tools and perform the necessary research to make sure your computer tools up to speed.

Automating Tasks

Are the functions you and your employees spend the most time on directly related to getting product or services out to your customers? Support services like bookkeeping, sales contact management, human resources, IT maintenance issues, and dozens of other services can be provided off site at a fraction of the cost of employees who could be better utilized serving clients directly.

No matter how small you business is, computer related tools must be as operational as they are resourceful. Strong IT tools provide a competitive advantage to compete with larger businesses in a more nimble and creative ways. Have you mastered your IT infrastructure, communications, and automation support tasks effectively? Many technology services firms will provide a free assessment of your current situation along with recommendations to move your business forward.

Julian Hartley is a business intelligence expert and writes for the SAP consulting firm