4 Benefits of Using Glass Blunts Over Paper

When it comes to inhaling cannabis or other like substances, you have many ways to do so. There are edibles, joints, vaping, bongs, and so much more. If you regularly prefer going down the joint route of consumption, here are a few different reasons you should be using glass as your blunt material over paper.

Less Toxin Inhalation

The traditional paper that is used to roll up joints is infused with nicotine and tobacco. We’re sure you know the dangers of nicotine addiction and tobacco. When you opt for using a glass blunt over a tobacco infused paper, you don’t have to worry about the downfalls of tobacco and nicotine use. This means fewer toxins inhaled by your body.

They Are Reusable

Nothing is worse than when you need to take a hit but don’t have any paper to roll your joint. Luckily, glass blunts provide the perfect solution. Since these are made of glass, they’re completely reusable. You can smoke as many joints out of them as you would like. Investing in a glass blunt can save you a ton of money on paper throughout your lifetime.

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They Are Discreet and Functional

Permanent blunts made from glass are very discreet to use. They tend to look like e-cigarette containers, so no one will give you a second glance. Due to the hardness of glass, you can easily store your joint in a bag or your pocket without fear of it being broken. Try doing that with a paper joint and we’re sure you’ll be dealing with loose weed in your bag. These glass-made blunts are extremely functional as well. Many come with built-in grinders that easily allow you to prepare your joint without any extra equipment needed.

No More Burns

One of the biggest problems that consumers have with traditional paper joints is getting burnt. Whether it’s your finger or your lip, it can get irritating to deal with. When you use a glass blunt, it has a built-in heat insulation system that works to keep the blunt cool to the touch. This translates to no more unexpected lip or finger burns when enjoying your next roach.

When it comes to inhaling cannabis and other herbs, joints have been a popular method to do so. However, there are permanent blunt wrappers made out of glass that the average smoker can purchase. The above are just four of the many benefits that you receive when you opt for a glass blunt over a traditional paper one.


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