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When it comes to effective self-defense, the right handheld weapon can mean the difference between life or death. Just as 48% of gun owners invest in firearms for protection, it’s equally important for women to be prepared in case of an emergency. Of course, girls just want to have fun like the rest of them, so guns for recreation aren’t exactly off the table. For fun or for defense, here are some of the top elements trending in women’s gun purchases today.

Glock G43

Glocks have long since been considered a tough and reliable weapon. In addition to having less recoil, these guns have a slimmer profile, making concealment as easy as it is with the 9mm. With a lever-incorporated safety, a drop safety, and a firing pin safety, glocks are another ideal gun for a woman to carry. Additionally, the G43 pistol has a capacity of 6+1-round, making it one of the most cost-effective choices for aspiring gun owners.

9mm Handguns

Many women favor buying 9mm handguns online when choosing what firearm to carry. These handguns are a comfortable size and have less recoil than other models. In addition to these incredible features, 9mm guns are also easy to hide on one’s person, making them the perfect gun for the woman with a concealed carry license.

Self Defense-Geared Guns

When shopping for firearms for self-defense, it’s best for gun owners to only consider models that they are likely to shoot. In a situation where self-defense is required, one has to take immediate action and having the wrong model of gun can make a dangerous situation even worse. Guns like the Ruger SP101 of the FNX 45 are solid choices for women’s self-defense. The SP101 is a small revolver that holds five rounds, making it ideal to protect against home invasion or physical assault. Similarly, the FNX 45 is a handgun that holds larger capacity magazines, making it one of the more reliable pistols on the market today.

Centerfire vs. Rimfire

No matter what your gun needs, it is important to choose the right ignition systems for one’s ammunition cartridges. Ultimately, ignition systems determine what happens when the gun is fired. When a gun is fired, the gun’s firing pin impacts the cartridge’s prime, resulting in an explosion that lights the propellant. This ignition is what propels the bullet down the barrel.

The centerfire vs. rimfire argument refers to how the gun’s primer systems work. Centerfire ammunition generally describes anything above .22 caliber while rimfire ammo is often limited to low pressures, which is preferable for smaller calibers as it doesn’t exert quite as much pressure once the powder explodes. When deciding between centerfire and rimfire for self-defense, experts recommend larger calibers, making centerfire ammo the better choice for anyone hoping to protect themselves at a moment’s notice.

In moments of self-defense, one has to take immediate action to guarantee their safety. Keep this guide in mind when deciding on what tools to use to best protect yourself.