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Moving to a new area can give you the feeling of excitement over what is in store. As the move approaches, you will have a lot to consider. From organizing your portable storage containers to getting in touch with past friends and acquaintances, you have a lot of people to call and tell about your impending transition.

One of the most important tasks when it comes to moving that many people put off is notifying businesses prior to their departure. This is important to do far in advance, just in case there are any loose ends that need to be cleaned up in person before you leave. Once you have left town, it is even more difficult to make a quick trip back if you do need to do anything in person. Similarly, having everything in place for your arrival in your new location is just as important.

Here are the top four businesses you need to contact prior to your move.

  • The Moving Company Itself

If you will be using storage containers for your move, the large rectangular pod containers you often see in driveways, you will want to book these as far in advance as possible. The further in advance you can book these, the more options you will have as far as self storage at your new location, size and delivery. Notice when you are planning to move too if it is a busy college moving period to help you anticipate if the prices will be higher for these services. That is why timing the reservation of your moving pods is so important.

  • Post Office

Another business people tend to forget to contact soon enough is the post office. You should notify them of your move at least 30 days prior to your actual departure. This is even more important to do early because without them receiving enough notification of your impending move, you may still have mail delivered to your old address with no way to receive it.

  • Doctor’s Offices

Your physicians will need to know with enough advance notice that you are moving so that you can go in and sign to have your records turned over to a new doctor. This must be done in person usually, so going in early to have it done is crucial. You will also need to have any prescriptions transferred so that you are not left without important medication when you arrive in your new town.

  • Utility Companies

Be sure to not have your electricity or gas turned off too early in your old home, or turned on too late in your new home. You want to be able to load and unload your belongings in a comfortable temperature. To do this, the new utility companies will need to be notified far enough in advance.

When moving, make sure you give these businesses enough notice so that there are no loose ends when you leave town.

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