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As your child gets older, he becomes more active. He likes to play not only inside the house but also outside. He becomes more curious about the environment around him. The seasons or the weather don’t stop him from playing or exploring so he needs to be protected at all times especially during cold and rainy days and most especially during snow when kids really want to go outside and play.

Simple outdoor activities such as walks in the park, trips to the zoo or a simple snowball fight in your own yard can turn into bonding time with the whole family. But before you go out and enjoy the day with your children, make sure that you have these waterproof essentials for them.

The shirt is the first line of defense of your child against the sun or cold weather. Make sure that you choose a breathable material that also wicks moisture. Your child can still perspire in cold weather because a child is naturally active.

You must be sure to get the right jacket for your child whatever age he or she is. Factors to consider when buying a waterproof jacket include its ability to repel water, its size, and functionality. The best way to pick the right jacket is to take your child with your when you go shopping. You will determine the best size, fit and your child can tell if he is comfortable or not. You can also buy one that has removable accessories such as hoods and fleece linings. These jackets are flexible for different weather conditions

Trousers or pants
If your child likes playing in the snow, a pair of waterproof pants is a must. They can go skating or sledding without fear of becoming drenched or catching a cold.

Waterproof clothing is essential for children because they easily get sick when exposed to the elements. They are at great risk for illnesses and injuries especially when playing outdoors. Kids are also very active and very curious so they tend to become dirty with mud, grass or snow. It’s great to see your kids having fun but that soon turns into a nightmare if they enter the house all dirty and soiled.

Before going out on an excursion, make sure to make a list of these waterproof essentials for your child’s protection and your own peace of mind.

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