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Technology has given a new platform to students to share messages, photos, videos and more all online. Now teenagers, and even some middle school students, are putting their lives online to be seen by all of their classmates. And because of this, many people are wondering if the future of yearbooks is dead. After all, with photos and messages already being shared online, is there a need for an end of school memorial?

The answer is a resounding YES. The fact is, social media offers a lot, but it does not deliver the permanent memorial of each school year in the same way.

Here are four reasons why yearbooks should not, and cannot, be replaced with social media.

1.      Pictures taken by the school
Many schools have photo journalists on hand throughout the year to capture images from assemblies, sporting events, concerts and even just lunch hour lounging. These photos cannot be replaced by students, and they give a better picture into the culture at the school as a whole instead of only in a small group of students’ eyes.

2.      Professional photos
Professional photographers are regularly used to capture team photos and the head shots of the students who attended. Students are rarely friends with every person in their class, so with social media, they lose out on the images that they get when they purchase their yearbook. These images are long-lasting and can bring back fun memories in later years.

3.      More permanent ways to leave a lasting message
In yearbooks, many people autograph and write messages to each other. These messages can be re-read for years to come and remind each person of their high school experiences. On social media, messages are current and less meaningful. They are also lost easily as popular social media networks change or messages go so far back that they are rarely seen.

4.      Memories of teachers and faculty
Students want a way to remember the teachers who helped shape their futures. Often times, they are not friends with these people on social media so cannot have those fun memories to look back on, or personal messages from their favorite teachers. Yearbooks provide a place where students can have this and access it for years to come.

Companies, such as Memory Book Company, are helping schools to design yearbooks that combine new technology and lasting memories so that every student has the most leading edge way to access their memories.

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