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Every business owner begins their journey wanting to become successful in their endeavor. Unfortunately, the ratio of successful businesses to unsuccessful business isn’t particularly encouraging for those looking to get in the game. If you’re smart about your business choices, connections and networking can be extraordinarily beneficial to your journey as a business owner. Are you wondering how to make business networking work to your advantage? Here are some tips.

Understanding the Need to Network in Business

The key to networking in business is to remember what making connections is truly all about.  Ask yourself what your goals are in networking; are you looking for likeminded people? People with experience? People who can help you move forward? Networking is about building genuine, authentic relationships with people who you can benefit from knowing, but who will also stand to benefit from knowing you. If you see your business networking as being mutually beneficial, you’ll avoid being a user and rubbing others the wrong way.

Money Help

One of the most important places to make networking connections is the area of business money management. Allow yourself to be mentored when it comes to money above all other things. You’re in business to be profitable, so it only makes sense to listen to the advice of those who have been successful in their own businesses. Even those who have been unsuccessful may be able to offer you advice on things that they wish they could change. There are great services available to the first-time business owner; look into business credit cards and money management courses from your financial institution.

Volunteer and Sponsor

Volunteering and sponsoring events and conferences is a great way to get involved in a community of likeminded people while also taking an opportunity to do some inexpensive marketing. You will become visible, while educating yourself and making valuable business connections. Remember to have plenty of business cards, and do your best to make each connection more personal. Write one thing that you like about each person you meet on their card so you can remember them and follow-up with a personal comment.

Connect and Question

Once you’ve started making these valuable connections in your field, it’s important to follow up and keep the connection going. Be forthright when you’re looking for a mentor; most people will be flattered at the idea. By creating these useful business connections, you stand to gain useful information, opportunity and to create some amazing friendships with successful business people.

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