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4 Tips To Increase Traffic In Your Tattoo Parlor

Today, the demand for tattoos is increasing. However, in almost every block, you will find a tattoo shop. The number of tattoo artists is also growing, and so is the competition for all the existing tattoo parlors. Therefore, as the owner of a tattoo shop, you need to build a brand that gains recognition from the rest. Additionally, it is essential to have the loyal clientele for your business to be successful. Thus, below are the methods you can use to increase traffic in your tattoo parlor.

Create your Website

In today’s digital age, it is vital for you to have a professional website for your tattoo shop and your brand. To increase clients through your website, ensure that the domain name you chose has the name of your store or your name. Add a photo gallery with your previous work to act as evidence of your skills. Create a list of reviews from your past clients so that they can vouch for your professionalism and authority. Also, include a contact page where new and old clients can contact or book appointments with you.

Create A Client Experience

Practicing your artwork regularly ensures that your talent keeps getting better and better. You can add a new style as a practicing technique to add versatility to your work. As a tattoo artist, your work will also act as your walking billboard. Therefore, the better you get, the more chances more people will be impressed by your work and seek your services. Take advantage of using your skills as a walking billboard. If have body piercing kits services, you can bring them casually into conversation with clients who make comments about body jewelry. This can create a conversational upsell and keep your shop at the top of their list for piercing and tattoo needs.

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Make Use of Social Media Platforms

Social media is becoming a valuable marketing tool. It is an excellent tool that you can use to build a deeper connection with your loyal customers while at the same time make relationships with new customers. Instagram is the most efficient social media platform for tattoo artists since you can share your photos quickly and widely. Tumblr and Pinterest also have categories that incorporate tattoo styles and pictures. Take advantage of these social media platforms to easily gain customers for your tattoo shop.

Promote Your Tattoo Shop

Apart from taking advantage of using your work as walking billboards, there are other different methods that you can use to promote your tattoo parlor. You can use hashtags when posting photos on social media to attract more traffic to your posts. Ensure that you have business cards that you can carry to events such as tattoo conventions or any other community events. Give them to potential clients. You can also be generous by giving discounts for any referrals made to encourage your customers to increase traffic for your business.

Now that you have a list of the things you can do to ensure that your tattoo parlor gains more traffic, always remember that your art is your business and it is the primary determinant of your business success.

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