4 Totally Unconventional Home Design Ideas For Adventurous Individuals

4 Totally Unconventional Home Design Ideas For Adventurous Individuals

We live in a world saturated with mass-produced flat-pack furniture; a world driven by the demand for must-have gadgets and appliances; a world often defined by relentless pressure to conform.

These myriad forces conspire to imprison us in identikit homes, and suck the individuality out of the spaces in which we exist. If money’s no object, it’s all too easy to imitate a ready-made design aesthetic from a glossy magazine, or pay an interior designer to make the choices for you, but that will deprive you of the spiritual delights of true self-expression.

In fashion, the best outfits are unique creations that subvert or reject the catwalk conventions and the high street habits of the masses. Similarly, in home design, the most interesting and exciting spaces are created by those who dispense with tired tropes and are truly comfortable with who they are.

With that in mind, the ideas in this article shouldn’t be treated as tips. This isn’t a model for you to follow or a blueprint for a better life. It’s simply a fleeting creative spark to ignite your inspiration and open your mind to a world of possibilities. The only person who can conceive and create your perfect home is you!

Get Gritty With Some Graffiti

Graffiti is an incredibly diverse artform, but one thing’s for sure, it’s guaranteed to make a bold visual statement. For someone who revels in inner-city living, bringing graffiti out of the underpass and into the home might make perfect sense. If you know someone who’s handy with a spraycan and knows what you like, you could always invite them along to turn a blank space into a raw and vibrant feature wall for that urban underground look.

Have Fun With Found Objects

You could fill your home with mass-produced objects made on the other side of the world by low-paid labourers, or you could fill it with unique objects that would otherwise end up as litter or landfill. Recycled chic may not be the most radical design idea in the world, but if you’re creative enough, the possibilities are endless.

Intellectualise An Idiot Box

If you’re into the idea of repurposing random objects, and you don’t want your home to be a temple to mindless distraction, why not forget the flat-screen TV? If you want to take it a step further, you could even disembowel an old CRT television and fill it with some beautiful books for a storage solution with a difference!

Just Don’t Bother!

If you simply prefer living in aesthetic chaos, and enjoy being surrounded by mess and clutter, or, by contrast, if you’re happiest living with no possessions at all, there’s no need to feel guilty or inadequate or weird. Maybe sticking two fingers up at the very principle of home design is the sanest approach of all!

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