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Moving across long distances can be even more painful because apart from going to a new location, the people who are moving have to pack their belongings and perhaps furniture as well, travel and set up residence. You’ll also need the proper equipment and supplies to make the move go as smooth as possible. A good truck with a heavy-duty trailer hitch will become very useful for making easy work of taking all household goods.

Heavy Items

In the event that furniture or heavy items need to be moved, they should be packed carefully so that they go the distance unscathed. If items don’t go into sturdy cartons, they ought to be covered with corrugated cardboard and perhaps cloth or packing material as well. Sometimes it may be better to simply get rid of old stuff and buy new furniture after moving.

Antique pieces or items with sentimental value must be packed and transported even more carefully so there is no breakage or even chips or scratches.

Electronic Items

Everybody owns big and small electronic items like computers, laptops, home theater systems, entertainment centers, television sets, music systems, speaker and the like. Keep the remotes together in a box or with the gadgets they are with. Kitchen appliances and gadgets also come in this category. All electric gadgets must be unplugged and disassembled as much as possible, keeping all wires safely tied up and wrapped or taped to the appliance. These should be cleaned and wrapped with bubble wrap, Styrofoam or lots of newspaper.

Packing Valuables

Valuables like paintings, cameras, trophies, photos in glass frames, mirrors, memorabilia, lamps, fancy lights and hobby supplies need to be well packed and cushioned before being put in sturdy cartons. Don’t forget to fill empty spaces with styrofoam beads or peanuts so items don’t move inside the cartons and get damaged.

Any valuable jewelry, certificates, legal documents and similar items are best carried in a small bag which should be securely locked and kept always at hand. Keys to the new home, keys to suitcases and bags should also be kept in a handbag where they are easily accessible. If there are many keys, they should be labeled.

Other Household Items

Clothes, shoes, linens, curtains, towels, cushions and the like should be packed neatly in cartons. Non-perishable food items, cutlery and storage containers also can be packed in cartons. When traveling long distance, it is a good idea not to take any perishable food items, unless these are kept in food and temperature safe containers and are needed for the journey.

With some planning and organization, the right vehicles and trailer hitches, moving can be less painful.

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