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When preparing for a family vacation, things such as snacks, games, books, a high definition camcorder, and an emergency/first aid kit are a few of the things necessary for the perfect family trip! Here is a basic guide of what would be great to pack for an enjoyable family vacation.

Food to Go
Convenience stores prices can add up on a trip, and there is bound to be a hungry family member at any minute of the day. Instead of having to interrupt the trip and buy high-priced (and usually unhealthy) items from the nearest gas station, pack a cooler full of your family’s favorite treats along with sandwich ingredients and foods that taste good cool or uncooked. Doing this will keep the kids happy and save Mom and Dad the aggravation of having to hear the inevitable, “I’m hungry!”

Entertainment is essential for road trips.  Highways are long and “find the blue car” may not fare well after a while. Be sure to stack up on books that you have always wanted to read and some that you know your kids will enjoy. Coupled with a new portable video game or two; your trip will be a breeze.

Emergency/First Aid Kit
Mishaps may happen.  The best thing to do is to be prepared to stop the incident from escalating. Keep a secure but easy to open kit with bandages, tape, sterile cotton balls, tweezers, antibacterial antiseptic lotions and ointments, ice pack, medicines, and more items unique to your family and be sure to educate everyone in the family on how to use it!

Road Tools
Almost everyone has a GPS system now in some way or another, but sometimes you may come to an area where you will hear the dreaded “Lost GPS signal” possibly at the worst place and time.  Keep a map in your car and a flashlight to never be caught unprepared while travelling in unfamiliar territory. Keeping a collection of coins will take care of any toll booths that you may encounter along your travels as well.

A family vacation will provide memories for a lifetime; don’t entrust those precious times to a temporary camera or one that will provide a fuzzy picture. Make sure that the high definition camcorder is 1920x1080p for best results, has a choice of either digital or optical zoom, is SD/SDHC/SDXC card compatible, and has a still camera option so you won’t have to carry two cameras to capture those classic quirky family poses!

Be sure to pack these items before you begin on the often monumental task of packing clothes for the family to be sure that they are not overlooked! Here’s to another awesome family vacation!

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