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5 Free Tools For Online Education

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The Internet has revolutionized the way that we learn. Web portals and high-speed connections have made it possible for learners to discover educational sources that were once out of reach and inaccessible. As the entire becomes accustomed to this virtually unrestricted access to information, an increasing number of free tools for learning have become available online. It is no longer necessary to pay tens of thousands of dollars to pick up an elementary understanding of a subject. It is now possible to train yourself in almost any subject at no cost. Here are five examples of tools that allow you to learn about a wide variety of topics.

Learn a Language

There is no need to spend time in a classroom listening to someone else tell you about a language while you pay exorbitant amounts for textbooks and tuition. Language is primarily learned through speaking and listening. Innovative educators have known this for decades and started language instruction on tapes in recognition of that. Online language learning takes the place of those expensive programs and does it for free. Mango languages presents 100 lessons in PowerPoint, interrupted by quizzes, to teach almost any language.

Get Your Own Version of an MBA

A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a valuable degree in a lot of different professions besides business. Engineers, educators, medical professionals and others join the list of marketers and salespeople as good candidates for this degree. The problem is finding the time and money to seek this education while you are working and supporting a family. A site known as Personal MBA lists dozens of books that can teach you all that you need to know about marketing and the nuts and bolts of business.

Teach Yourself Programming

It seems counter-intuitive to herd people into an old-fashioned classroom to teach them how to program computers and it should. Google Code University offers a seemingly endless number of coding lessons. In addition, you can look just about anywhere on the web for people who post what they know for free. Just as you can teach yourself a human language online, you can learn the languages of computers for free with the right online tools.

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Learn the Liberal Arts

Many people have already said that spending a lot of money on a liberal arts degree is a waste of time because you can teach yourself all those things just by reading. The Internet opens millions of doors to the greatest texts of history. It can also bring you excellent scans of every major and minor piece of art ever created. Take a look at the Picasso Project offered by Texas A&M University. You can see all of his works and read about his life and art for free.

Teach Yourself to Play an Instrument or Learn Music Online

A quick trip to Youtube will reveal thousands of lessons in a variety of instruments. You can start by teaching yourself your favorite songs with your desired instrument. If you prefer to learn the foundations behind music, check out Musictheory.net. They have Flash-based tutorials about keys, modalities and other such concepts.

The Internet has removed any excuse you might have about avoiding education. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, you can easily teach yourself as much as an expensive school might teach you to earn an associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree.

Terry Riddle is a school superintendent and guest author at www.bestmastersineducation.com, a site with information about getting an online masters in education.

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