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Keeping Happy In Later Life

Modern society has branded old age as very boring. In fact, to most people, old age is characterized by sitting motionless in one position, without any fun activities to do. However, this period of human life need not be boring. By keeping seniors happy, you are more likely to benefit from the rich knowledge and wisdom that they have gathered over the years.  Here are tips on how to keep them happy.

If you have ever lost a job, you would understand the frustration of sitting at home with no work to do. These frustrations come from the fact that work gives human beings dignity and happiness; without work one feels less valuable and joyful. Consequently, to keep old people happy, there is need to involve them in some sort of light work that will keep them busy during the day.

Moreover, work will help old people keep check of their weight.  Physical work promotes the production of hormones that make people happy; old people are no exception. This effect can also be achieved by helping seniors indulge in exercises. However, these exercises need to be light.

Keeping seniors happy is also possible by creating occasions during they can be able to interact with their grandchildren as well as their fellow seniors’. Additionally, it is a known fact that healthy eating promotes happiness and good health; consequently, they be put on an appropriate diet – consisting of mainly fruits and vegetables.

Getting older doesn’t mean giving up on everything. Family members and caregivers are supposed to lift elderly people spirits and keep them happy when they notice that their emotions seem to be getting the best of them.

The secret to keeping them happy is to show them that despite their age, they are still productive and useful members of the society.

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That’s why below I report a list of the most useful practice I see on a daily basis:

1)      Getting elder people member of the society, or at least they should be involved in decision making.

2)      Listen to them. They have a lot of expertise and they can share a lot of suggestions they have gained once “in force”.

3)      Help them to find a hobby. The role of hobbies in keeping seniors happy cannot be under estimated. Consequently, they should be encouraged to get in both indoor and outdoor hobbies.

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