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The summer is upon us and I am writing in ways you can heat your home. Am I crazy? Absolutely not. Just thinking ahead.

The winter can be a pain, but I want to give you some options for heating your home this winter.

#1 – Electric Baseboards

The most known option is electric baseboards. Baseboards are the cheapest solution as they only cost $25-$60 per unit depending on the size. So if you have a house where you need ten of them, you won’t spend any more than $600.

The costs to run them can be high, but the best thing about baseboards is you only need to run a few at a time as you don’t occupy all rooms in your home at one time.

#2 – Furnaces

Furnaces have been around from years. They were big in the 1940’s all the way through to the 1980’s. They run off a central unit that distributes warm air through underground ducts in the house.

They can operate using coal, oil and now natural gas. Obviously natural gas is a far cheaper resource so it’s best to get a natural gas furnace.


#3 – Portable Heaters

Probably the overall cheapest solution, a decent portable heater can cost only $50. Then you can take it from room to room. In a way it acts like an electric baseboard where coils heat up and a fan blows out the warm air.

#4 – Heat Pumps

Heat pumps Victoria are an option not many people know about. They have been around since the late 1980’s, but were very expensive back then and still can be. Although there are many options when it comes to heat pumps, you still have to pay a pretty penny to buy one.

However, there benefits are great. They’ll save money on your energy bills, they’ll cut down on the operation noise as they are placed outside the home and they provide cool air in the summer by using a reverse acting cycle of airflow.

#5 – Fireplace

Dating back to caveman days, fire always provided heat. All you need is wood and a match and you have warm heat.

The fireplace is a simple way to create a contained fire in your home just like the caveman did it. The only costs you incur are the maintenance of the chimney and what you pay for firewood. In many cases, you can firewood for free if you know the right people.

WE hope you enjoyed this post on five options to heat your home. Whether you are doing a renovation or building a new home, you can choose from these five common heating sources during the upcoming fall and winter season. If you are looking for, Victoria heat pumps, give Red Blue Heating and Refrigeration a call.