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Samurai swords, or katana, are considered one of the most common types of traditionally made swords from Japan. Katanas were used by samurais during the feudal Japan. A samurai sword has a curved and slender single-edged blade, a circular or squared

guard and a long grip to accommodate both hands of the samurai. Now, samurai swords are not only used as a weapon but also a piece of art that can be used as a decor.  Just like any collectible item, samurai swords need special treatment to maintain their beauty and usefulness in the many years to come. But maintenance and cleaning of a samurai sword might be quite expensive once you have brought it into a professional, so here are some tips on how to properly take care of and maintain your collection of samurai swords.

5 Steps To Take Care Of Swords

5 Steps to take care of your Swords

  • It is always important to remove oil and debris from the blade of your sword using a paper towel or a clean cloth. For your protection, hold your sword with the sharp edge away from you while cleaning it.
  • After cleaning the sword with a paper towel, apply a few drops of oil in each side of the blade and spread it using a paper towel. You should also note that it is essential to do this every one to six months.
  • A samurai sword is not only made up of a blade but also some wooden parts for the handle and the guard. For these parts, you can use special lacquer, varnish, wax or even lemon oil.
  • After doing these first three steps, it is now important to polish the brass components of the sword using either Brasso or Autosol.
  • If your sword has leather elements in its scabbards, sheaths and handles, it is essential to clean those using a quality paste wax to preserve its beauty.

It is always important to properly take care of your swords so its beauty can last for a longer period of time. Following the mentioned tips above, you will be ensured that your swords will be proudly displayed in the home of your next generation. Recommended resources: Swords of the East are proud to offer today’s finest martial arts weapons for modern Samurai and collectors.