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5 Points To Consider When Moving Offices

Whether you are moving to a new office to accommodate a growing team, or are looking for your very first commercial property, there are numerous points to consider that will help you on the right track to finding an office that is right for you, your staff and your customers. This article has been put together to give business owners an idea of what to look for when moving to a new office.

Security Aspects
When looking for an office, one of the primary aspects to take into consideration is the level of security it provides. Key points to look for are the physical security the office currently benefits from and the ways in which this can be enhanced to offer the best level of protection for your business. If shutters are present, check their condition to ensure they are fully functioning as well as checking the condition of the doors and locks throughout the building.

Whilst the location you are considering might be great for you, this is perhaps not the case for customers and other staff members. Take the time to discuss possible locations with your team and make sure everyone is able to travel there easily. From looking at the parking available to ensuring it is near a main bus route, you can meet the needs of all by simply involving staff from the outset.

Although an office in the heart of the city is often desirable, this will normally result in much higher pricing in terms of monthly rent or buying price. Consider whether your business can realistically meet the costs of the office you are looking at and be sure to take all associated bills such as energy costs and service charges into consideration too before making your final decision. Offices just outside of the city are often still very easy for all to get to but can cost significantly less.

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If you are moving to accommodate an expansion, be careful to consider where your business will be in 12 months’ time. Whilst no one can predict the future, careful forecasting could save you the trouble of choosing an office that will soon be too small for your growing business.

Choosing the Right Date to Move
When you have selected a new office, it’s time to think about an appropriate moving date. Whilst it can be tempting to move as soon as possible, it’s important to look at what is happening within your business over the coming weeks. From an important project deadline to members of staff going on holiday there are many reasons why a certain date might not be the best time to up sticks. So ask around within your team and choose the optimum date in light of their feedback together with your own judgement.

When looking for a new office, make sure these points are carefully considered and you can rest assured you have done all you can to make your move the right one for all.

Sophie works alongside All in One and is currently looking into moving to a larger office with her team so will be looking at existing security as well as price, location and optimum moving dates.

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