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Shopping for a man can be a little more difficult than shopping for a woman, especially when you’re trying to give a personal gift that really shows you care. However, there are a few gifts that almost any man is sure to love and appreciate this holiday season.

1. Airline Tickets

Pretty much every guy in the world talks about a place they want to go for one reason or another. Maybe they want to visit the place where their ancestors were born – maybe they want to take a trip baseball hall of fame. Whatever his destination of choice, surprising your man with a pair of airline tickets is sure to delight him. Put airline tickets in a luxury gift basket with things they might need for the trip or small items that hint at the final destination.

2. Collectibles

Different men collect different things, so what works for one guy might not work for another. However, if you know what your guy likes – whether it’s New York Knicks memorabilia or first-edition copies of 18th century English literature, collectibles make an amazingly thoughtful and personal gift. Start shopping early and check sites like eBay frequently.

3. Craft Beer Assortment

Almost all men like beer. If you know what type of beer the guy you’re shopping for likes, that’s a good starting point. Go to a knowledgeable beer and wine shop or beverage store that sells craft beer and ask for a few recommendations. Even if you don’t know what style of beer he prefers, that’s okay. After all, trying new things is half the fun. Use a luxury gift basket to pack the craft beer assortment. You can even add a few gourmet snacks to the gift basket.

4. A Musical Instrument

Most guys have had a fantasy of becoming a rock star at some point in their life. But many men have never learned a musical instrument. While your guy probably won’t turn into a rock star overnight, learning and practicing a musical instrument can be a rewarding experience and a great hobby for him. You don’t have to spend a ton of money either – second-hand stores, pawn shops and websites like Craigslist and eBay are a great place to score a decent musical instrument cheap.

5. A Photo Book

Most guys have a sensitive side, but a lot of them don’t pull out their phone or camera every time a picture-worthy moment happens. That doesn’t mean your guy doesn’t want to keep things like pictures. Find some of your best from memorable moments together and use one of the many online sites or go to a local printer to have a book made.

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