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Introducing Crystal Water Beads
Water beads are the last word in accessories for your plant and flower containers. These clever polymer beads are capable of soaking up many times their own weight in water, so they can offer both moisture and support for plants and floral arrangements. They’re available in a spectacular range of colors and sizes that will complement any color scheme, making them the ideal choice for creating dazzling centerpieces.

Water beads have a number of advantages over soil and sponges:
– Clean; no dirt or grime to soil your tablecloth or present a health hazard.
– Colorful; unlike dull green-gray sponges, water beads are available in a rainbow of brilliant shades from aqua blue to golden yellow, as well as neutral white or black.
– Crystal clear; transparent water beads allow you to create a range of lighting effects.

Floral Centerpieces
Crystal water beads can be used in flower containers in place of water. Because they won’t dry up or spill, they keep flowers and foliage fresh and lovely. They also provide physical support so that even tricky arrangements are easy to create. You can fill a flower container with a single color to provide a solid backdrop for a colorful floral arrangement; alternatively, water beads in two or more colors can be layered or jumbled together in a medley of hues.

Because they are solid and stable, crystal water beads can turn any vessel into a flower container. Instead of a single large container, why not arrange a collection of wine or martini glasses filled with water beads as your centerpiece? Fill each one with the same color for an understated look or use different shades in each one for a lively effect, and then place a single flower in every glass.

Illuminated Centerpieces
Because they are moist and heavy, crystal water beads are the perfect substrate for creating candle arrangements. A large bowl filled with water beads will hold pillar candles upright; the beads themselves pick up the candlelight and scatter it. Alternatively, place a layer of beads in the base of a bowl and fill it up with water; ideal for floating candle arrangements.

If naked flames are a concern, battery-powered submersible lights are available to use in your arrangements. These are specially designed for use with water beads so there’s no risk of water getting into them. Flower-shaped candle style lights, cubic lights and diamonds look good floating or resting on top of your arrangement; they can also be placed under the crystals themselves so that the light shines through.

Holiday Centerpieces
Crystal water beads are great for making decorations for your holiday table. Light, bright colors and fresh flowers are lovely for springtime celebrations, while glow-in-the-dark beads give your Halloween guests a spooky surprise. Very fine white water beads are available that transform into a snowy slush that can put the finishing touch to your Christmas centerpiece.

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