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5 Tips to Packing Light for Your Summer Trip Adventures

For so many of us, summer is the season for traveling. Whether you are a wilderness enthusiast heading for the outback or an urban tourist hitting the top restaurants and museums of a major city, summer provides the ideal time to explore. One thing most travelers despise is too much gear slowing them down, especially in today’s world of cramped air travel. Here are 5 expert tips on how to pack light while on the move.

Comfortable Clothes

Whether traveling by plane, train, or car, comfortable clothes make all the difference. Your journey, after all, should be part of the fun, not a miserable slog. For a comfortable experience, both while traveling and enjoying your destination, try shopping for the best comfort clothes such as free fly lightweight clothing. You can find casual to more formal attire, outdoor wear, and kids apparel. For comfortable clothes, try the Free Fly section. Free Fly makes clothes that provide both comfort and moisture resistance, a key for any summer vacation apparel.

Make a List

As explained on How Stuff Works, a list helps break down what you need and what you can leave at home. Rather than just jamming everything into a suitcase, take the time to consider items carefully. In addition to helping you avoid over packing, lists also make sure you remember all the important things, so you don’t wind up before the shaving mirror with no razor.

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A Little Detergent Goes a Long Way

By packing a little detergent, you give yourself the option of washing items like socks and underwear at your hotel. This helps save space because you can carry just a few pairs, rather than enough for clean socks and drawers each day.

Layer up

Even though it’s summer, bring a jacket. Also, dress in layers so you can easily stay warm during a cold front or on an excursion to a higher elevation or windward side of an island. Temperature fluctuations surprise travelers. Have something to keep you warm.

Wrinkle Resistance

Fancy clothes look awful when they come out of your suitcase wrinkled. Take the wrinkle resistance variety for your more formal clothes. Also, don’t forget to check on them when you get to your destination. Nothing’s worse than being in a rush and discovering your outfit needs some serious ironing.

Travel feeds the soul, and the summer sun beckons us all to take to the road. By packing light and smart, you can make your vacation easier and more affordable. The less gear you have to weigh you down, the greater your experience.

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