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5 Travel Tips For An Amazing Campervan Vacation

Rv sales are at an all-time high, with sales topping 40,000 units this June as more travelers discovered the benefits of this kind of travel.

During the pandemic, RVs have proven themselves as the perfect way to escape to the great outdoors and practice social distancing at the same time. So, if you’re about to embark on your first big RV adventure, keep reading.

These travel tips will help ensure you enjoy all the best benefits that a campervan vacation has to offer.

  1. Pick the Right Campervan

The first order of business is to find a camper that suits your family and your vacation needs. There should be enough space for everyone to sleep as well as shelter on a rainy day.

If you’re opting for the convenience of a towable trailer, you need to ensure your towing vehicle can manage the load before you take a trailer on the road.

  1. Cooking Tips

You won’t have much storage space available when you travel by RV, so plan your meals well in advance and take only what you need.

If you prepare as much of each meal in advance as possible, you can save a lot of room. For example, you can keep packets of pre-measured seasoning for each meal instead of lugging bottles of herbs and spices along for the trip.

You can also opt for one-pot meals and package all the necessary ingredients together. That way, you’ll need to take fewer pots and pans, measuring cups, and ingredients with you.

  1. Choosing a Good Campsite

State parks and established campgrounds are a good choice for newbie campers. For added convenience, book a campsite with electrical hookups, waste disposal, ablutions blocks, and a convenience store on site.

If you can, pre-book a campsite close to all the necessary amenities.

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When setting up camp, make sure your camper is level before you turn in for the night. Otherwise, you could spend a sleepless night fighting against the forces of gravity on an uneven bed.

  1. Smooth Sailing

Before you set off to your next destination, make sure everything inside your campervan is secure.

You don’t want all your groceries and equipment to hit the deck as soon as you take the first corner. Lock all your cabinets and drawers and tie your gas cylinders up.

If you use a power cable, remember to disconnect it and place it neatly in your camper before you leave.

  1. Plan Not to Plan

Although travelling in a campervan’s all about the freedom of the open road, plan as much as you can in advance.

When you’ve pre-booked your campsites, you’ll have more freedom to explore during stops since you won’t have to spend half the day finding somewhere to pitch camp.

By planning major details, like meals and overnight stops, you give yourself the freedom to wing it the rest of the time.

More Travel Tips for Adventurous Souls

We’re all starting to realize how precious time spent with family and friends really is. Fortunately, thanks to the nature of RV travel, you can still enjoy a safe vacation together in these troubled times.

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