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Did you know the quality of sleep you get every night can have life-changing effects on your health?

It’s true. A lack of sleep affects your mood, immune system, blood pressure, memory, and balance. When you don’t sleep enough, you decrease your ability to make decisions and react quickly, while increasing your risk of developing serious health conditions that can lead to premature death.

One of the major reasons you may be sleeping poorly is an old or ineffective mattress. Poor quality sleep is one of the many signs you need a new mattress.

These Are The Signs You Need A New Mattress

If you are struggling with getting enough sleep and are wondering if your mattress needs to be replaced, here are several signs it does.


One sign you need a new mattress from The Beloit Mattress Company is sagging. When your mattress has body impressions or other indications of sagging, the springs and material inside of the mattress are breaking down. This means your body is not being properly supported while you sleep and you need a replacement.


If you are feeling lumps when you lay down, consider buying a new mattress. A lumpy mattress occurs when the padding shifts over time. Much like a sagging mattress, lumps are a sign your body is not supported by the mattress.


If you are experiencing pain and aches when you wake up in the morning, consider replacing your mattress. Aches and pain can be caused by uneven padding, uncomfortable pressure points, and an unsupportive mattress. This is one of the most common signs your mattress has reached the end of its lifespan.

Creaking and Squeaking

Does your mattress creak and squeak all night while you toss and turn? Then you likely need a new one.

Creaking and squeaking is a sign the springs in your mattress or box spring are worn out. In this situation, the best action to take is to replace the mattress.


An uncommon sign of a mattress that needs to be replaced is sudden allergies. This is because dust mites can live, and thrive, in an environment filled with padding. If you are experiencing allergies after lying in bed, it’s time for a replacement.


If you are wondering how long a mattress lasts, the answer is 7-10 years. While you might not be experiencing any of the more obvious signs, an old mattress still cannot offer the support your body needs. If your mattress is 7-10 years old, consider replacing it.

These Are the Signs You Need a New Mattress

There are many signs you need a new mattress.

If your mattress is sagging or lumpy, you need to look for a replacement. You might also need a replacement if you are waking up in pain, are hearing creaking or squeaking sounds when you sleep, or are experiencing sudden allergies. While you may not see any signs, you should replace your mattress if it is 7-10 years old.

If you have noticed any of these signs, make sure to replace your mattress right away.

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