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The décor in the offices at your place of business represent your company culture. They send a clear signal to people as soon as they walk through the door about the personalities they are about to meet with and the type of workplace you run. Recently, more businesses have chosen to create their own authentic brand image by revising their workspaces to make the work day more fun for their employees. If this is you, or you simply want to freshen up your space, it may be time to make some changes. Instead of investing a lot of money in redesigning your workspace, make just a few simple switches to brighten it up.

Here are five things to consider that can instantly update your work areas to reflect your brand.

1.      Conference room chairs

Using new conference chairs to spruce up the office is one way that everyone can benefit from your updated décor. Not only can you invest in ergonomic and comfortable sitting areas, but you can also find some with a unique look to match your brand personality. Choose from a variety of colors or designs to match your company look.

2.      Stools at desks

Substitute the regular desk chair that people are used to seeing for some fun lively stools. Not only will you help improve the look of the building, but it will also be beneficial for your employees who suffer from bad backs.

3.      Dining tables

In the areas where your employees spend their lunch breaks, add a dining room table to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed as they step away from the hustle and bustle of business for an hour. This will give a home-like feel to help relax them and make their hour free from work feel more laid back.

4.      Lounge furniture for the reception

Similarly, put some lounge furniture in the reception area to instantly send a signal to your guests that they have entered a place where they can be comfortable and instantly create a more relaxing atmosphere. Add a stylish couch or chair for an instantly updated look.

5.      Outdoor furniture for the patio

If your building has a patio or porch, entertain guests outdoors on nice days, or hold barbeques after work with employees and add some outdoor furniture to create a relaxing and fun atmosphere. This will bring people closer together and create a new way to connect and collaborate outdoors instead of indoors.

More businesses are seeing the benefit in creating a unique space for their employees and guests to inspire more innovation and begin working better together. By creating a more relaxing atmosphere, people let their guard down, allowing innovation to truly take place, all by simply switching up some furniture.

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