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One of the oldest forms of storage solutions in businesses is direct attached storage (DAS). Basically speaking, this is when the solution is plugged directly into the computer so the data that is stored on it can be accessed directly. The way that this occurs can happen in a variety of facets including internal and external. The individual disc drive can be plugged directly into a person’s computer, directly into a server or a group of drives can be plugged into a server which is referred to as serial-attached or SAS storage.

With this in mind, many small and midsize businesses are putting this form of storing information on discs and servers to work for them. Here are a few ways this is happening.

  • Cost Savings

One of the most intriguing parts of using a DAS system for small and midsize businesses is the ability to store data securely while still on a shoestring budget. This means that there are no expensive costs to rent out servers, and instead, information can be kept close at hand while still being secure. For those businesses that do not require as much disc space, having this solution can save significant money and directly affect their bottom line.

  • Storing Files

This is done by many small and midsize businesses as a way to keep their files on a typically Window’s based server. Whether stored internally or externally, companies use these servers to keep their files safe by housing them at their office.

  • Higher Performance

Efficiency is difficult to define, but in the case of small and midsize businesses, these types of solutions tend to be the most efficient all around. This is because, for smaller company needs, eliminating the go-between network that data has to pass through each time, performance levels tend to increase. This makes backing up, keeping secure and managing data in general much easier and faster.

  • More Shared Servers

With DAS, there is the option to connect multiple servers to multiple PC’s. This means that in smaller offices where information needs to be shared internally, this is still possible to do quickly and efficiently. By using multiple servers, companies are able to gain more control over their data while still having the flexibility to share it internally to the people who need it.

Businesses that are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve computing performance should consider a DAS solution for their office space. One of the leaders in delivering this system to small and midsize businesses is companies, like LSI Corporation. By using the solutions powered by this corporation and others, your small business can keep control of your costs while giving the power back to your employees to work at a more efficient level.

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