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Travelling is always fun. Even more, when you are with your friends and family going long distance. However, if you are seriously considering making your trip enjoyable, then you need to formulate ways and means to save money on gas. Gas prices are going up and many people find it to be the single biggest reason to not travel long distance. However, there is a workaround that as well. Travelling by car requires a lot of planning, focus and determination. However, you wouldn’t want cost to go up just because you forgot to iron out the details. What are they?

Here are the best tips to make sure that your travelling is fun and economical too –

The best way to make sure that you save tones of money while travelling is by ensuring that  your car is optimized. There are many who still don’t give their cars the kind of attention that they require. Be sure to take care of your air-filters as clogged air-filters make your engine take in more gas. Hence, more often than not, their cars become gas-guzzlers, or worse, break down in the middle of nowhere. Not the kind of place you’d like to be now, would you?

Watch how you drive!
Accelerate slowly and keep the speed steady. The more often you apply brakes and speed up and down, the greater pressure you put on the engine which guzzles more gas. So, be sure to obey traffic rules and ride comfortably. According to US Department of Energy or the DOE, you will be able to save up to 33 percent of your mileage potential.

Watch what you are carrying
Things that you need in your average daily commute may not be that necessary in long distance driving. Be sure to keep your car as light as possible. There are a number of car owners who think about stuffing their cars. Not a very bright move. This not only includes the items that you carrying, but the excess weight in the form of glass panels, seats and a lot of other things which can be exchanged for lighter ones.

Chuck the Air Conditioner
You will be able to save gas up to 10% by simply rolling down your windows. Cars burn more gas when they have to keep the air conditioners on. If you are thinking of saving money, then this might just be the way out.

 Drive Smart
If you have a Smartphone (and in all probability, you do), then be sure to rely on it rather than old school maps. Plan your trip ahead in order to know where to stop to refill and relax. Another point is to use map apps that show traffic.

Lastly, be absolutely certain about the distance and the condition that your car is in. If you are unsure about your car, get in touch with an expert right away. She/he will be able to help you in a much better way.

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