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Great Ways To Spend That Money You’re Sure To Win On The Lottery:

Is the palm of your hand itching? That’s an indication that you’re about to strike it big on the lottery you are always playing! If you are sure that one day you will win millions playing the lottery, you need to think ahead and decide how you will spend your fortune. Here are a few great ways to spend that money you are certain you are going to win.

Buy a House for Your Boomerang Child
Sure, you love your kids but if you have a child that keeps moving back home every time you turn around, buy him or her their own home with the lottery money you won. Just be sure to buy a home that’s far enough away so that your child doesn’t show up on your doorstep with his or her laundry and don’t forget to ask for your key back. This way, your refrigerator will still be stocked when you return home from those around-the-world trips you’re sure to take.

Go Into Hiding
Since you are probably going to quit your job as soon as you get your hands on your money, you can slip away and never return. Why not buy a charming chalet in the Swiss Alps or a luxury mansion in the south of France overlooking the sea? Maybe you have something to hide or perhaps you don’t want the IRS to know where you are when it starts hunting you down over a tax issue you may have been avoiding.

Give Money Away To Complete Strangers
Imagine how much fun it would be to walk down the street and hand money to perfect strangers who pass you by? Since you are going to be loaded, you can do just that. Try to only pass out free money to people who look like they actually could use the cash. You also could anonymously leave money in an unlocked random vehicle while the driver is inside a store shopping. Look for run-down vehicles which are most likely owned by people in need.

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Head to Vegas
Why settle for £1 million when you could turn it into £2 million? Sin City offers you the chance to double, triple or quadruple your lottery winnings. When you arrive inside a casino, head directly for the high stakes game tables or the slot machines which only accept high bets. Who knows? You could walk out a big winner and take home much or more money than you had when you arrived. Just remember that ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ so take it easy on the booze and travel with a trusted friend.

Go Back to School
A great way to get rid of a lot of money is to use it towards college tuition. It costs a small fortune these days to attend college. You can go to any university you want when you’re rich, provided that you have enough grey matter between the ears to get in, so fulfil those dreams of yours about holding a diploma in your hand. You could live a true college lifestyle by living in a dormitory so if you’re brave, sign up to become a campus resident.

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