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Although DIY beauty can be cheap, easy, and leave you with a sense of pride (“I did this!”), there are a few treatments that really should be left to the professionals. You’d be happy to make some adjustments to your house, but you’d hire someone skilled to do complicated jobs, such as rewiring the electric system. Apply the same logic to your beauty treatments. Don’t try these at home, kids.

Waxing The Unmentionables

The thought of waxing ourselves is enough to send shivers of horror down our spine. If you’d even consider putting hot wax anywhere near open legs, you’re a braver lady than us. Getting the job done right is highly unlikely. If you want to look fantastic this summer in your bikini, hand over the task to the professionals, otherwise you may end up with an embarrassing result.

Eyebrow Waxing

Unless you have a long fringe that can hide lopsided eyebrows, head to your nearest salon. Your face isn’t really an area you can cover up easily so groom with care. All it takes is an unsteady hand to make you the laughing stock of the office.


Although it’s possible to do this at home, you miss out on the salon experience if you bypass the stylist and give yourself a pedicure. Sure, when money’s tight, do it yourself, but otherwise, you’re cheating yourself if you don’t let a manicurist pamper you silly.

Hair Colouring

At home, you can block colour your hair, but if you’re looking for shimmering highlights, a professional colourist needs to take you into their capable hands. You want a natural finish and you’ll probably find yourself heading to your nearest salon to save your locks, after you make a pig’s ear out of colouring. Save yourself money and just go to your stylist in the first place.

Stylists have invaluable advice for those with coloured hair. Going it alone may mean that you severely damage your locks. Dyeing your tresses isn’t exactly healthy for your hair, so you’ll need all the help you can get.

Brazilian Hair Straightening

Women across the world will tell you how much this straightening treatment has changed their life. Curly and frizzy haired women are constantly wrestling with their tresses and trying to tame them first thing in the morning. Be really sceptical about DIY sets at home. This is a pretty intense treatment for your hair, so you’ll be better off at the hands of a stylist. You don’t want to make your locks even more explosive!

Hair Braid Extensions

Braiding probably takes you back to the playground; that’s when we first learn how to plait our own hair. If you’re looking for a head of braids with extensions, however, it’s important that you get long-lasting and natural looking plaits. Again, get a stylist to sort you out, unless you have a particularly adept friend.

Hannah is a contributing writer, a self-confessed beauty junkie and a fashion blogger. She has written this post for Salons Direct – she recommends to purchase your beauty products wholesale to achieve the most value for your money.

Are there any other beauty treatments that you refuse to do yourself?