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tattoTattoo art has become part of our everyday culture. People now have their proud art on display as they want to demonstrate their beauty and sometimes a particular stage in their life. Many people have tattoos, many excellent, some unmatchable, so why would I discourage anyone to not get a tattoo. Here is why:

You don’t have Enough Money

You would be surprised how many people who struggle to get by and cannot afford a meal better than a tin of Spam is intent on getting a massive tattoo of some kind of angel on their back. It would be advised to wait until you have enough money to be able to afford it and perhaps spend any money on something more substantial, perhaps a month’s worth of spam? It is true you may find a tattooist who will do you a cheap deal; however you should never look for a bargain when something is medically detrimental.

You are Under Age

It is a large amount of us who choose to get tattoos when they are not legally old enough. I’m sure many people who do get it when they are underage are without regret but I am sure there are larger proportions who despise the new ink on their body. Also, if a tattooist is prepared to tattoo someone underage then they are surely not trustworthy. This should send alarm bells ringing down your spine and could result in afflictions, infections and diseases.

You are not sure about the Design

Do not just a hazard a guess on what you think others may like or what you think may look good on you. You need to make certain that you are 100% sure what design you want, otherwise it may result in more expensive laser tattoo removal.

When you don’t understand the Language of the Tattoo

Many people opt to get some cryptic meaning on their body or some type of symbolism and many do not know what the translation means. There are many horror stories surrounding this situation so you should be clear on what exactly your tattoo means.

Losing a Bet

Hundreds of tattoos are purchased on the back of a bet, especially on holidays. For example, in Greece I witnessed two drunks betting on the Lions vs. Australia, the result being the loser getting the other team’s emblem on their chest. This shows the lengths people will go to, to honor a bet, my advice is do not bet with tattoos or get on the next flight.

A Loved Ones Name

Probably the most common issue people seem to have and we have all heard the stories. Yet many people feel compelled to get their partners name branded on to them like a roman gladiator to prove their love, like a marriage certificate or ownership of children is not enough. The phrase nothing lasts forever springs to mind, but the irony is that the tattoo will.

Hopefully you want a tattoo regardless to everything above and will not be getting loved ones brandished on your body or walking your 14 year old self to a disease ridden parlor.

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