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While the euphoria of moving to a new city or buying a new home is substantial, there are few tasks in this world as annoying as packing to move. Aside from the physical labor, there are many other aspects of moving to think about – is there enough room for your stuff in your new abode? Have you used these possessions lately or are you just hanging on to them out of sentiment?

Here are some packing tips when moving that would make your life a lot easier than anticipated.

• Packing is a time consuming exercise, not to forget the labor that it demands. Having sufficient time at hand is extremely important. Depending on the amount of stuff that you have accumulated over the years that you need to pack, you must get started at least four to six weeks prior to your moving. Leaving things for the last hour is never desirable and it could make your job an impossible task. Start six weeks prior to moving and get a helping hand or two, either professional or from friends and family.
• Having a strategy would always help during packing. You must have a sequence of packing the items you own and possess. Perhaps you can pack all the unused items or those that are not required for daily usage first. You can set a few days solely for the packing of electronic appliances. Each type of item would demand a certain method of packing and if you blend in different categories at the same time then it could be even more arduous.
• Limiting the weight of boxes (especially when packing books and dishes) makes them easier to handle.
• Wrapping items carefully ensures that glasses, dishes and vases make it to your new home.
• Providing plenty of cushioning to absorb the shock of your items in transit.
• Try not to mix items from different rooms in the same box. This makes unpacking quicker and easier.

If you find that you simply have too much stuff and do not want to move it there are ways to help whittle down the possessions that may no longer be useful. A garage sale can help and may also earn you money. Organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army take donations of clothing and furniture. Lastly a storage unit could be a good option to store you things while you decide what you need and what you don’t. Packing to move can become a convenient task if you have a plan as per the tips discussed here.

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