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In the warm weather months, many men struggle to stay cool while also maintaining a sophisticated look. After all, a look drenched in sweat, even when wearing the right clothing, is never stylish. This year, create a new wardrobe for yourself that will keep you cool during those backyard barbeques and late nights on the beach. Wearing lightweight clothing can easily give you a way to make your wardrobe more summer ready.

Here are a few summer essentials that should be in any man’s closet.

1. Casual Pants
Leave the heavy wool pants in the closet and dress in something more suited for the season. While it is important to stay cool, lightweight options can give you a nice look for evening events when the temperature is likely to drop as the night progresses. These pants can also be worn at semi-formal events outdoors.

2. Shorts for Men
If you plan to spend the day on the beach, shorts are the way to go. Not only will you fit in, but with the right pattern and colors, you can still maintain a refined appearance. Pair them with a button down shirt or a polo shirt for added class.

3. Casual Outerwear
As the night cools down, you will want to keep warm with a light jacket. Avoid embarrassing sweat stains that are inevitable with a jacket made from lightweight material that will be just enough to keep the crisp air off and still keep you cool.

4. Boat Shoes
These shoes are a great way to go casual but still sport some fashionable footwear. As a timeless piece sold by retailers, such as Brooks Brothers, you can wear these year after year without them going out of style.

5. Bright Colors
Colors are always in season during the summer months. Bold hues should be worn only on one garment, such as a shirt, swimwear or accessory. They create an immediate look of fun while still maintaining a simplistically refined image.

6. Patterned Tie
Do you want to bring some summer fun to the office? Choose a patterned tie to create a fun but professional look for the office and bring some sunshine indoors while you work.

Every year, these essential pieces go on clearance. Don’t miss your chance to scoop up some great savings by investing in next year’s looks today. With these classic styles, you will be sure that these pieces will be a staple in your summer wardrobe for years to come.

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