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The latest trend taken up by the stars is underfloor heating. It may be hard to believe that trends set by stars aren’t just to do with fashion and animals, but underfloor heating really is in with the celebrities at this moment in time. But which celebrities are having underfloor heating set up in their homes and why is it so popular?

Madonna is said to have underfloor heating installed in her US home and to only stay in hotels that have underfloor heating fitted throughout. Another couple of celebrities that also only stay in hotels with underfloor heating are actresses Joanne Collins and Reese Witherspoon. Kylie Minogue as a celebration to her good health, refurbished her flat in Chelsea and installed an underfloor heating system throughout it.

Celebrities don’t just get underfloor heating installed in their homes, they’re are also known for getting underfloor heating fitted in their garages. The reason behind this is that it prevents the engines of their cars from getting cold, meaning that they will never have a problem starting their cars on a cold morning. A celebrity that is known to have underfloor heating in their garage is the goalkeeper Paul Robinson.

Famous celebrities that install underfloor heating like to treat their animals as well as themselves. Sharon Osbourne and Colleen Rooney are two celebrities that are known to have had underfloor heating installed in their dogs kennels.

But why is underfloor heating so popular?

There are many reasons to why it is. It is seen as a better alternative to traditional central heating as it is more green. Underfloor heating systems can be connected to renewable energy source instead of running from gas or electricity.

Underfloor heating is also a better way to warm yourself up as the heat originates from the floor. Normal central heating uses radiators, and due to the fact that warm air is lighter than cold air, it rises and as a result heats the roof before it heats the people.

Celebrities also opt for underfloor underfloor heating as it is a good investment. Installing an underfloor heating system can increase the value of homes as it will soon replace radiator systems. Having underfloor heating makes houses seem more modern and can be a feature that makes a potential buyer make the decision to buy said house.

Although underfloor heating is popular with the celebrities, it doesn’t mean that only the stars can have them installed. Underfloor heating is very cheap to install and has a long list of benefits. Just make sure to choose a professional to set it up. Looking at the company’s years of experience and references is a good way to decide whether you can trust them or not.

This article was written by Endre R., a green technology enthusiast and sustainability advocate. He is also guest blogger and freelance writer, representing Rayotec, a UK based company providing solar panel installations to commercial and residential households.