7 Reasons Why Cycling Is Good For Your Health

7 Reasons Why Cycling Is Good For Your Health

In more recent years, many countries have been faced with rising concerns of obesity and an unhealthy generation of teens. Easily accessible fast food and endless hours in front of gaming consoles and computers has been blamed for this change in today’s youth. When we look at things realistically, however, it is not only today’s teenagers that should be watching their weight. Every person should be concerned about their health and how they are treating their body. Whether you want to lose weight to look good or are focused on creating a healthier lifestyle, cycling may be just the activity for you. Unlike boring exercise routines that have you stuck in a gym, cycling gets you outdoors and breathing in that fresh air. If you’re looking for a new way to kick start your exercise routine, check out the health benefits of going for a leisurely cycle.

Lose Fat

Cycling promotes an increased heart rate, assisting your body in losing fat. Unlike various other exercise routines, your body is likely to remain at an increased heart rate for the duration of your ride.

Low Impact Exercise

Many people don’t perform high intensity exercises, simply because their body cannot handle the great amounts of stress and pressure it is placed under. Cycling is a low impact exercise, allowing participants to exercise more efficiently and for longer periods of time, with the decreased risk of injury.

Increased Strength

By increasing your strength, you are allowing your body to work harder, ultimately creating a more stable environment for increased exercise levels and longer time periods. More lengthy exercise sessions will assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.

Burn Calories

Cycling helps your body to burn an outstanding number of calories in a regular exercise sessions. Depending upon the speed you are riding at and your current weight, riders can expect to burn up to 700 more calories in a thirty minute session.


As with most forms of exercise, cycling is known to increase the output of positive endorphins within your body. Positive endorphins reduce the bodies need to eat sugary or fatty foods, helping you to maintain a healthier diet.

Fun Exercise

Now, you may be thinking that there is no such thing as fun exercise – but you’d be mistaken. Partaking in a fun activity, such as cycling, makes you more inclined to exercise regularly. If you have the choice of being stuck on a treadmill or hitting the local bike paths, you’re more likely to maintain a regular exercise routine, when choosing to cycle.

Social Interaction

One of the best things about cycling is that you can involve your family and friends. While going to a gym may not be your idea of the perfect family outing, your kids will love to explore the local parks, as you cycle together. Involving your family or friends in your regular exercise routine will make you feel more positive about your workout, making you more inclined to regularly cycle.

Lucas is a Personal Trainer and cycling enthusiast from Brisbane, Australia. He often recommends cycling to his clients who are after a low impact, social way to exercise with their friends and family. If you are interested in taking up cycling, Lucas recommends heading to 99 Bikes for the best deals on bicycles for every member of the family.

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