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With people loosing jobs, the economy struggling to come back to shape and the cost of food stuffs and other materials going up, you and your spouse need to save a lot of money in other to meet the challenges of marital life. Weddings take away a lot of resources and fund, and if you don’t want to get broke after your wedding then you need to find ways to save money on your wedding ceremony. Here is how to do it.

List Your Priorities

There are so many things on your wedding list that are just there but won’t make any difference if you don’t do them. Sit down with your spouse and eliminate those things that you think might not be needed, and focus on those things that are extremely essential like music, venue and catering.

Get The Cheaper Ones

Don’t you think the price for the venue, dj and the wedding gown is actually way too much? If you take sometime to research you’ll find out about other places that are cheaper and yet very conducive and could serve your wedding purpose. Places like parks, forest reserves or your own backyard might cost you nothing to set up as your wedding venue.

Reduce The Guest List

More guests mean more food, canopies, chairs and table, so if you reduce them you will be saving for yourself a couple of bucks. Most restaurants, caterers and even halls charge per invited guest; reducing the number of guests from 200 to 130 will help save you a lot of money. There is no point inviting so many guests that you’ll not even be able to know if they came or not.

Serve Your Favorites Instead Of The Full Bar

It’s true that people love to drink at wedding receptions but since you’re looking for ways to minimize your wedding spending, its better you avoid serving the full bar and choose your favorites. An excellent way of satisfying everyone is to serve beer, wine and martinis. This also provides an opportunity for you to arrange the Martini specialties so that it blends with the theme of your wedding. You should also consider putting a limit on the bar spending.

Simplify Your Menu

Guests need to eat at your wedding reception, but not all weddings need a fancy meal.  A perfect way of saving money on the wedding food is to serve barbeque chicken, cheese, mac and corn. You should also consider a buffet instead of sit-down meal. If you’re going to serve fruits then consider those ones that are in seasons. For example, heirloom tomatoes usually cost about $25 when they are fresh but will rise to about $60 in the winter.

Wedding Attire

Your wedding gown is never going to be useful again after the wedding so why are you bent on getting new traditional bridal attire? There are many options available for you to get something cheaper and save some money. You can buy a once-worn or vintage gown or buy a traditional gown from a discount gown retailer. Other cheap options include checking out online auctions or renting. You can borrow your friend’s gown or redo your mother’s gown; no one is ever going t o notice anything.

Order A Small Cake

Cakes are very expensive even though they only stay few hours at the reception before they are consumed. So, a simple but classic cake will do, but you can have a supplement sheet cake hidden back in the kitchen. Keep the add-ons simple and make use of fresh flowers instead of the sugar ones. You can also skip exotic feelings like mango and guava.

Alan Turner recently got married and implemented all 7 of these money saving techniques which allowed him to afford an awesome band for the first dance wedding songs.