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Bowling birthday parties offer parents a unique party option that kids love. Parents know how important a birthday party is for children. They start looking forward to the party weeks and even months ahead of time, voicing their ideas about the cake they want and the friends they want to invite.

There are many birthday package plans offered by different bowling alleys to accommodate busy parents seeking to throw a fantastic party. It is common for these venues to provide a one-stop shopping experience by taking on the planning, food, party favors and decorations necessary to throw a birthday extravaganza worthy or your child’s special day.

A Bowling Birthday Party As A Memorable Celebration For Children

Planning the Big Event

There are invitations to be sent, food to be ordered and decorations to be purchased. Parents on the go often decide to turn over the planning to a party host that works at the bowling alley venue. Since an onsite host has experience planning many parties, they know what works best for different age groups. Experienced planners can also consider such things as the number of guests attending and the gender and age of the birthday girl or boy to decide on party details.

A bowling theme is often used to tie together the entire event. Using an experienced children’s party planner is the answer for parents juggling too many responsibilities. Many party hosts will even send out the thank you notes after the party is over.


Nothing lights up a child’s face like a birthday cake. Bowling birthday parties are the perfect event for bowling pin shaped cakes or bowling ball shaped desserts and treats to satisfy the sweet tooth of every guest. Cupcakes are optional of course, except for those hardcore party fanatics that insist that it is the perfect food that can be used both as a decoration and sugary treat.


Balloons are the decoration that always comes to mind for birthday parties. The shape itself suggests bowling balls and is perfect for decorating for a bowling party. When you throw in a beautiful cake, a colorful candy bar with glass containers filled with sugary treats, the party practically decorates itself. Wrapping paper backdrops and dividers can also be used to add a festive visual touch to the party.

Guests Party Favors

T-shirts or bowling trophies filled with candy offer two excellent choices for party favors. T-shirts can have team names on them and be signed by the other guests. Children love this idea and save the shirts as a keepsake for years to come.


Bowling in Utah is big, so bowling birthday parties have arrived as the perfect answer to children’s parties. As a go-to solution for busy parents, this festive venue makes the job of planning the party much easier. Selecting a bowling alley that specializes in children’s birthday parties, means turning over the party preparation to the experts.

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When planning Birthday Parties Utah residents consider Bowling in Utah as a fabulous party idea.