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Problems with your vehicle could grow and swell to the point that you need to book an appointment with a Charlotte auto repair shop. The car could even become unsafe to drive if things like the brakes are wearing out; you never want to take a car on the road if you think that it poses a danger to you or to other drivers. However, you do not always have to wait until this point to work on the car. It is a good idea to talk to a mechanic about what you should do on a monthly or yearly basis to keep the car in good shape.

Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Shape

1. Change the brake pads.

Brake pads press against your wheels when you stop, and so they wear out. Every time that you pull up to a stop light, they get to be a little bit worse. You need to change them out every time they get too low – you will hear a scraping sound when you press the brakes that is a built-in mechanism to alert you to the issue – so that you do not wear through them entirely.

2. Check your oil levels.

This is especially true for older cars that may burn off oil, but it is a good idea for all vehicles. If the oil levels fall too far and you do not notice it, the engine could seize up. You then have to replace a lot of expensive parts, rather than just adding additional oil.

3. Rotate your tires.

Your tires are going to wear down more on some corners of the car than others, depending on where you drive, which way you turn most often, and things of this nature. You need to rotate them around the car at least once or twice a year. This helps them to wear more evenly, which means they do not need to be replaced as often and which can also help you avoid flat tires.

4. Have the mechanic check the car over when you get your oil changed.

You always want to have the mechanic look at the car to see if there are little issues – like a low coolant level – when you have your oil changed. You should do this about every 3,000 miles. The mechanic can often spot little things that you can fix right then to avoid the larger issues.