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A Break From The Norm

Cupcakes – so simple yet so effective, are they taking over from the traditional celebration cakes?

The latest must have food is the simple cupcake, or the not so simple cupcake if you look at some of them nowadays. This is a craze that started at weddings where rather than having one large cake to cut between every one there was a cupcake tower, so that everyone could take home an individual cupcake.

Weddings can be a very traditional event; a day that, within reason, follows a pretty standard template. The whole wedding process, for the bride and groom, starts long before the big day. The planning of a wedding can take months and sometimes even years, one relief that they both have though is their respective stag or hen party.

A wedding day follows a basic template over the whole world. That is however until the cupcakes appear.  All shapes and sizes, different themes in a variety of colours; no matter what the personal taste of the bride and groom or whatever the trend that summer, cupcakes can be made to a specification that is perfect for the happy couple.

The popularity of the cupcake doesn’t stop there. Wedding cakes are just that, wedding cakes. They can’t be adapted or changed for any other occasion unlike the versatile cupcake. Just look back to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics, there were special edition commemorative cupcakes being sold everywhere.

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There really is a cupcake for every occasion; birthday parties, office parties, Christmas parties, weddings, anniversaries and lots more. Why not go that one step beyond and opt for an edible photo cupcake and you could be literally eating your own face in a flavour that you never thought was possible. Cupcakes aren’t just versatile and fun but they’re easy too; it’s so much easier to distribute a single cupcake to every attendee at a party compared to standing around cutting up a cake and distributing individual slices.

Trends and the latest crazes are there and gone as quickly as the seasons change and fashions come and go. This same ‘in and if you’re not good enough, you’re out’ trend seems to have hit the sweets and confectionery market too; as far as cakes go there are so many old fashioned favourites that will stick around but then there’s the others that seem to come and go. With this in mind cupcakes seem to have totally reinvented themselves and, with this ability to change and move with the times, will sit alongside those die hard artists, songs, films and clothes that will always be trendy, always be fashionable and deep down are our guilty pleasure…

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