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Renowned actor Clint Eastwood hit the headlines recently, but it wasn’t for his Dirty Harry – at the Republican National Convention he stunned audiences by delivering a speech to an empty chair! Eastwood had a one-sided conversation on stage with an empty stool that he was pretending was President Obama.

In it he asked pertinent questions of the President – who was of course unable to answer, being nowhere near at the time. Obama did reply later on though, and again in a slightly unconventional manner – he Tweeted a picture of himself in a chair marked ‘The President’, with the tagline ‘This seat’s taken’. While the chair of the President of the US is undoubtedly a powerful place to sit, there are plenty of other chairs on the market that connote power and success.

Verte Seating Chair

Developed over the course of a decade by a team of more than a hundred dedicated engineers, doctors, designers and manufacturers, this chair is the ultimate in ergonomic design principles. The Verte individually supports each and every vertebrae in your back, training your spine to relax whilst sitting and offering the maximum support. It moves with your body, so you will never be seated in the wrong position again.

Hag H09

According to one seller, the Hag H09 is “more than a chair. It is a philosophy… an extension of your body and mind.” The chairs in the Hag H09 range differ slightly to each other in appearance, but what they all offer is an unrivalled sense of privacy coupled with manoeuvrability. The high-backed adjustable chairs offer a wide range of seating options to suit every height and build, and the elegant leather seats confirm the impression that whoever sits here is not someone to be trifled with.

Massage Chairs

If you are powerful enough within your firm to be able to get away with having a massage chair to work from, then go for it. Make co-workers green with envy as you get a chiropractic massage from your comfortable leather chair in the privacy of your office, while they scurry about on swivel chairs outside.

Herman Miller Aeron

This iconic chair design is well known for being one of the best out there. The chair is mostly custom-built – buyers purchase the basic model, which retails at around £600, and then choose which optional extras they wish to add. Not every feature on the basic design is fully adjustable, but there are ways to make it suit your own personal needs. For example, you cannot alter the seat depth once you have it, but it does come in a choice of three sizes. The back tilt is not lockable, but you can purchase a tilt limiter. The armrests must be purchased separately, and can be adjustable or fixed, padded or not. The main draw of this chair, apart from the comfort, is that it is recognised throughout the industry as a chair for the best of the best.

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