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Winter isn’t usually associated with gardening, mainly because the weather’s too cold to plant new flowers, prune hedges or tend to the lawn.

However, it may surprise some of you to learn that there are some plant species that thrive during this particular season.

Flowers like these could help to make your home, garden or conservatory look every bit as bright and colourful in mid-December as it would at the height of summer when gardening is the first thing you might want to do. Here are some of the many different types of winter flower you could have in your garden:

    • Bergenia ‘Eroica’ – resplendent with their deep pink petals, they add more than just a splash of colour when the skies are grey. Being a winter plant, they don’t suffer during frosts and can cope with rain and snow, which is what you would like to see from a flower during that time of the year.

  • Chimonanthus praecox ‘Luteus’ – reminiscent of the buttercup, its’ clear yellow flowers make this variety of shrub perfect to brighten up any garden during the winter. They also have a sweet scent, and, unlike buttercups, they look more defined, and at a time when the weather’s a little on the grim side, that counts for a lot.
  • Euphorbia – some varieties flower during the winter, so it’s important to know which ones. Euphorbia x martinii, more commonly known as Spurge, is perhaps the best variety to grow for the winter, as it can cope extremely well in low temperatures. Among its best qualities are that they’re easy to plant, and their green flowers help to add a little more depth to any garden.
  • Crocus – best planted in a pot, they look magnificent during the winter months. Most species flower during the late autumn, and can last during mild winters. They usually come with large pastel purple flowers, and would look perfect indoors as well as in a plant pot outside.
  • Snowdrops – as their name suggests, they look like they would work in any winter garden. Some varieties flower during November and December, and their bright white petals will help to make a garden look elegant and welcoming.

If you need inspiration for the types of flower you might want to have in your garden this winter, you could always have a look at the Interflora Christmas Flowers range. Failing that, a visit to your local garden centre could also give you some ideas of what flowers to have in your garden in the next few months or so.

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Crocus | Snowdrops | Bergenia