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Birthdays have long been thought to be the affairs of children, but that is not the case anymore. Adults may not easily admit it, but they too would enjoy a grand birthday party once every few years. It does not matter whose birthday celebration you are throwing, be it for your husband, boyfriend or a close friend, this article will highlight some important aspects that can be applied to make the celebration remain stuck in one’s memory.

Great food, music, and a collection of family and friends can be one of the best gifts an adult can get on the day that reminds them when they were born. One of the key things to have in the birthday list is plenty of food and beverage. Should you be planning a big event, then you ought to consider having a theme and including many activities and always have background music.

You can arrange for a DJ to spin, as this would create an opportunity for a dancing contest during the party. To have a great adult birthday party, you can consider some of the pointers below:

1st Step: Set the date

Most guests do not even way-in-advance information about the venue or the menu for the birthday party, what they need most is having the date of the event clearly marked on their calendar. Once they know this, they can reserve that day for the event. The importance of this is to let people that may be coming from far make enough travel arrangements. The least acceptable time that should be given is six weeks.

How to set the date:

  • Get to know what date the honoree would love the birthday to be set. In case of a surprise party, let the close friends decide the date.
  • Once a tentative date is set, the list of guests to be invited should be consulted to ascertain their availability.
  • Should the date selected be inconvenient, extend it to the weekend. A Friday evening is one of the best as people are already in the weekend mood.
  • Lastly, settle on the final date.

2nd Step: Make the party personal

You should throw a party that the birthday “boy” or birthday “girl” likes, and then make sure that it matches up with their personality. A great way of doing this is by ensuring that from the list of many birthday party venues to select from, only the venue that the honoree would feel most at ease is picked.  Below are some simple tips to selecting the venue:

  • For someone who loves being outdoors, have a barbecue. Get the grill fired up and see what joy that theme brings.
  • Have a dinner party if your honoree always prefers to be dining at a restaurant.
  • If the honoree loves food and wine, make sure your venue chosen can accommodate that.
  • For a highly active person, climax the party with a dance session.
  • Always make sure that the theme selected for the party matches the venue.
  • Finally yet importantly, have a big group birthday gift. Usually, knowing what household appliance one was planning to buy is a great way to decide on the gift. Nowadays, you cannot go wrong with gadgets!

Deana Jones is a well known blogger on the current trends followed in marketing and brand promotions. She has been associated with many leading marketing firms since the last 10 years.