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Small Business DSLIf you operate a large business, you’re may be familiar with different advantages that different types of internet connections offer. Sometimes deciding which kind of internet best fits your needs can be difficult, as each has plusses and minuses. If you haven’t considered DSL, it may be the time to. Check out the following advantages and disadvantages to using DSL internet for your company, and decide if opting for ADSL internet is ideal for your company.


DSL, especially, ADSL is fast. Very fast. With DSL, your active phone number is used to be in a constant connection with the internet. With ADSL, the main difference is that you have a phone line that is completely dedicated to the internet, meaning your connection is faster. For a small home office, DSL will likely be all you need. But if you have anything larger than that, considering ADSL is highly suggested. ADSL can get you up and down speeds of up to 20×1 mbps, which will be fast enough for just about anything you need to do as a small business.

While DSL and ADSL are both pretty fast, if you’re running a large business with lots of network connectivity you might be better off choosing a T1 line for increased bandwidth. While the costs are higher, it may be more efficient than an ADSL connection.


Choosing a DSL or ADSL connection is a wiser choice for small businesses concerned with network security. While it’s possible to be secure on every type of internet connection, choosing a DSL connection is definitely more secure than a modem connection, even without any sort of network security system. That’s because every subscriber can be configured differently on a DSL connection, so that they technically aren’t on the same network. On cable modem networks, some users can be easily available and vulnerable to different types of network attacks.

No matter what kind of internet connection you choose, you must always have some sort of network security. Find out options available to your company by searching for network security solutions online.


Chances are that if you’re running a small business somewhere, you have access to a variety of different options for internet. But if you’re running a business out of a home office and are in a somewhat rural area, DSL may be your only internet option. Because DSL is run through phone lines, it’s availability is much higher than that of a cable modem internet connection. However, in these more rural areas, DSL connections may tend to be a bit slower since the phone lines tend to be older.


DSL or ADSL is a great choice for small businesses because of its cost. It’s high speed internet without high costs compared to other types of internet connections (such as T1). Since you likely already have a phone line in your home installed, you’ll save a significant amount of money on installation costs because you aren’t installing a whole new cable system.

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