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In today’s suffering economy, finding a job can be difficult to say the least. In this day of age students graduate from college with high expectations and for every fifteen jobs they apply to, they may get one measly interview. Companies continue to reduce their amount of employees and people are willing to accept lower pay and feel lucky to even have a job. However, many industries are creating new jobs every year while other industries are beginning to bloom. If you’re experienced in search engines and the web, try your local SEO services company. More and more teaching jobs are popping up and doctors, restaurant workers, car dealers, and construction workers are also seeing an increase in job listings in their respective industries.

The need for teachers is one thing that has never left, regardless of layoffs and lowered state budgets. Schools are estimated to create many more jobs in the upcoming year, including secretarial and school board employees.

As baby boomers continue to age, a larger medical establishment is required to care for them, creating a need for more doctors and other medical personnel. From primary care doctors to specialists, the medical field is booming with jobs as our population continues to increase and people live longer than they had in previous years.

During the recession, restaurants are estimated to have lost about 365,000 jobs throughout the industry. Luckily, more people are beginning to eat out again – from fast food restaurants such as McDonalds to higher end restaurants.

Car Dealerships
Rising car sales have car dealerships requiring more and more salesmen and other employees to help make their dealership successful. This includes used car sales, which have become extremely popular due to buyers attempting to save money by buying used vehicles.

The real estate crisis may have caused a decrease in available jobs in the past few years but the industry is starting to come to life again as people are beginning to have homes built again. Aside from residential, construction workers are also seeing an increase in work at commercial sites due to the increase in business openings.

As more and more small businesses open, they continue to compete for the top titles on Google’s search engine which is where local SEO services come into play. In the age of the internet, content is key and the ever-changing search engines and web pages account for a wide array of jobs, ranging from writers, web developers, graphic designers, and more. There are many niches of job industries concerning the internet, which creates many jobs for people with many different skillsets.

These are just a few industries that are beginning to boom again and are expected to see an increase in jobs in the upcoming year. It’s important to stay positive while searching for jobs and to step out of your comfort zone. Keep your eyes peeled for job industries that may be hiring and apply for everything you can – the more job you apply to, the higher the chance you have of getting a job!

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