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Deciding to decorate a bathroom can be a daunting and expensive task and it’s important that you get it right. There is so much pressure now to have the perfect house and this can be stressful especially on a budget.

Planning is very important as there are many factors that need to be looked at.  Firstly I would advise to set out a budget, as there is no point researching things that you can not afford. Visualise your bathroom and how you would like it to look and decide how you are going to go about creating this.
On a budget
If your budget is small you might not want to purchase a new bathroom suite and may prefer to decorate the room instead, which can still create a huge impact on the look of the room but will cost sufficiently less. I would always advise to title a bathroom rather than wallpaper as it will last a lot longer. Bathrooms can obviously get very wet; moisture and residue can mark walls. However, with titles they can be wiped clean and can endure the conditions of a bathroom. You would be surprised what a big impact things such a changing your shower curtain, getting a new bin and toilet brush holder can have on a bathroom. Also buying some new towels will look fantastic to. Think about the whole look and feel of the room and match your purchases in together to create an overall theme to the room.
Choosing a New Bathroom Suite
Choosing the new bathroom suite is the expensive bit of the renovation of your bathroom. As suggested planning is the key. If you have limited funds it’s easier and a lot cheaper to follow the lay-out you already have in your bathroom. If you don’t, you may need to have your bathroom re-plumbed and this can be expensive. I would recommend that you stick to neutral colours when choosing your suite, as fashions come and go. It is easy to change your accessories in the room but obviously you won’t want to change your suite regularly.
The right man for the job
I would encourage anyone to get in to DIY but I would defiantly say to leave your bathroom to the professionals. It is specialist job and there are many issues regarding the plumbing of the house that needs to be looked in to before you renovating a bathroom.

Daisy Burgess – Blogger and Home Improvement Enthusiast